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OPINION | Epitaph of CNMI Democracy (24): Whistleblowers on GOP and the feds

YOU can do a lot to end Government wrongdoings, criminal government political pressure on you as a Whistleblower so get involved and tell the Feds about the misconduct in Government that you have witnessed as you will be protected by our “big-brother” the Federal Government.

Given the inability of the CNMI to place a REAL CHECK on election financing and other activities related to our government’s misconduct in elections it is high-time citizens took matters into their OWN hands. Tooooo often there have been stories of how the GOP has PAID-OFF people and even imposed threats on individuals to either support the GOP or RESIGN – for TRUE. Well these kinds of activities are violations of FEDERAL Law that Governs over elections at the state and local levels. As most readers know from our past that the Feds have literally been our saving-grace when it comes to catching many if not MOST of our “white-collar” (politicians) criminals in the CNMI and if you check the records most if not ALL were associated with the GOP at one time or another.

“One person CAN make a DIFFERENCE” in any society but it takes a person who is truly dedicated to DOING-the-RIGHT-THING as it will take some courage with the fortitude to speak-up. For entirely tooooo long We the People have heard about the many “horror stories” of how a Government Official has mistreated someone but it never gets revealed publicly nor were they held accountable. Every election season employees of the Government are subjected to PRESSURE for their support in the election be it directly or indirectly which is really a violation of Federal Law. Using the power of one’s position in government to retaliate or coerce political support has been going on for YEARS in our Government, at least for the past 21years under the GOP, and it is high time that it be put to a STOP!

One of the MAIN “Power-plays” of the GOP has been to “round-up all government employees to vote for the GOP” and it has been successful because NO ONE has complained and put forth a real strategy that will work to stop this inappropriate Government behavior by the GOP. It is time We the People literally cut-off the head of this snake with the help of the Feds. So if you are tired of being pressured by the GOP, if you are tired of seeing and hearing about the GOP corruption in our government, if you are tired of feeling insecure about your job because of GOP political pressure then it’s time for YOU to step up-to-the-plate and hit a HOME RUN for yourself and the People of the CNMI by simply pretending to go along but calling the Feds as quick as you can get to a phone. Whistleblower protection by the Federal Government will be at your services and there is absolutely no risk to you as your confidentiality will be SAFE with the Feds for TRUE!

GUARANTEED, this next election won’t be like it was in the past when everybody in Government was openly supporting the administration. We must hold our Governor and his Party accountable for “tampering with voters in his administration”. We the People, especially in Government need to have the Administration AFRAID of YOU instead of YOU being AFRAID of the Governor and his Administrators. The next time the Governor or one of his emissaries ask someone in Government to run for office under the GOP or support the Party and you are threatened with being asked to resign if you don’t say yes, just call our BIG Brother (the Feds) and they will wish they had NEVER tried to put political pressure on you. I know these threats happen in our Government and one of those people is now an elected official as an Independent. This official’s DUTY is to come forward and tell their constituents and all voters to confirm what I have just said is indeed TRUE about our Governor. WE ALL need to want to make sure that our Governor and his Party are put in “check” and SOOOO darn afraid that they will have no choice to but stop this illegal behavior. I guarantee that ALL Government employees will finally be FREE this next election and won’t have to attend the GOP events unless they want to as any kind of politicking done at government workplaces is NO LONGER ALLOWED or there might be a visit from the Feds for violating Federal Election Law!

Being a Whistleblower is not confined to the Government but it also applies to the private sector as NO ONE should NEVER be AFRAID of losing their job for exposing a CRIME(s). The Federal protection law for whistleblowers was put in place for obvious good reasons but the law can’t and won’t work if you are afraid to blow-your-whistle on WRONG & EVIL conduct. You have EVERYTHING to gain for yourself and our community and nothing to lose from being a whistleblower. On March 4, 2014, in Lawson v. FMR LLC, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that this whistleblower protection applies not only to employees of publicly owned companies, but also to employees of privately owned, contractors and subcontractors of public companies. Introduced in House (09/13/2012) Private Sector Whistleblower Protection Streamlining Act of 2012 - Sets forth whistleblower protections for private sector, state, and municipal employees who are retaliated or discriminated against by an employer for disclosing threats to public safety or violations of federal law.

It is almost common knowledge about the “retaliation threat” that goes with a Government Job including PSS where our Teachers are still the ONLY Teachers in America who don’t have “bargaining rights and can be terminated without cause” which has been used for retaliation entirely too long and MUST Change. True story: I was led to believe that the Governor & First Lady “were bringing Yvonne to the CNMI for the Movie” which was not even a half-truth. He allowed me to make all kinds of THANK YOU statements to him and the First Lady that were in the news when it was really Ms. D who was over Women’s Affairs who actually purchased the ticket for Yvonne. The point is, Ms. D had to call me to let me know it was “HER” who brought Yvonne out here, and I published a Clarification and Thank You to her but the Governor didn’t like that. Well, I guess every reader knows that her contract WAS NOT renewed. Ms. D actually blew-the-whistle on the Governor. Ms. D wasn’t even involved in the Movie Premiere when she should have been a SPECIAL Guest. It is really sad and it truly hurts to tell this TRUE story but this is the REAL lack of character of our Governor. Maybe had he never “played me and stabbed me in my back while smiling in my face” this story may have never been fully told.

So please don’t be afraid to be a whistleblower if you truly care about OUR Government and OUR Island to put an end to misconduct, crime and retaliation that has gone on within our Government for entirely toooo long. Technically, the Governor violated the “ethics code” when he did not come forth and allow Ms. D to be recognized as she was over the Agency that actually spent the money to bring our daughter out here. So don’t hesitate to blow-your-whistle government employees and citizens as you will be safe and protected by the Feds.

One people one direction for being a whistleblower for the PEOPLE of the CNMI and Just say NO more Corruption, No more Political Power Threats, and NO to anything UGLY within our Government period!!!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.