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OPINION | Waste, fraud and corruption, period

IT’S called self-interest, greed and crafty clever actions on the part of these recycled GOP local government officials whose total recklessness includes pay-raises and overtime pay for themselves.

This is abuse of power to be more precise. It doesn’t matter how they come up with all their lame excuses. Talk is cheap guys and your performance is in the septic tank and is stinking up the islands.

You vote for corruption, you got what you deserve as a voter so I want to tell it like it is to those who voted for these local recycled reckless corrupt GOP officials. So wise up voters, this has been a real problem.

You want your vote to be for real results not this monkey-see-monkey-do corrupt business. It is insane and really crazy to keep voting for corruption. It’s reality.

It’s the voters who normalized this GOP to keep abusing our people for decades. This is no progress people. This is waste, fraud and corruption. As simple as that.

I didn’t like it then when I came home and I didn’t like it ever. It’s against our ancestors’ sacred core values as natives. I mean this is a disgrace to our entire islands and our poor communities.

Finally, you voters must realize that it’s not about your wallets. It’s about all our entire native islanders who are in this total mess. Remember when the judge scolded lawmakers to pay the pension funds for our retirees? That was my point.

What? Do you voters forget that I was the most controversial CNMI writer who was speaking out about the waste, fraud and real corruption of these recycled local GOP politicians who have squandered millions of dollars?

I was not lying then and I’m not lying now. I want what’s best for our entire CNMI native people who live from paycheck to paycheck. Remember, I said illusion or reality. Either way, we’re all in this mess.

I love the CNMI but to all my critics — now you see and now you deserve the results of your votes, and I blame your votes. Since the Oregon Democrats kidnapped my wife I never vote anymore because I will never vote for corruption. It’s as simple as that.

See the Republicans in the CNMI are no different from these Oregon Dems but the GOP in the CNMI has done the worst because they have withheld compensation for native land owners who have already passed away.

It’s an evil act if you ask your own CNMI son and writer who is watching CNMI lawmakers lying and deceiving all our CNMI native people for decades today. We as voters must fight for truth and justice.

I fight for our entire CNMI native people so we can have a moral and ethical local government to honor our ancestors — the best natural navigators who survived the worst typhoons in search of better lives.

But now we have dug up their resting places for a casino that will be paired with Tinian Dynasty because self-interest and greed have taken over our cultural beliefs.

Folks, to be a student of Chief Piailuugh, Lino Olopai or Victorino Cepeda is to respect our sacred traditional core values as Pacific islanders every day.

We owe a lot of respect to our parents and our teachers because their teaching is the moral ethical compass that got us to where we are today. It’s law and order.

When I see good leaders perform moral acts I give them credit and acknowledgment to let them know we appreciate their compassionate work for our people.

It takes a rope to tie yourself to your canoe to make sure that no matter how rough and choppy the waves get, you will never separate from your canoe. But that is just my personal perspective.

In other words, a good leader has patience, vision, integrity and honesty. You cannot be a chief if you cannot steer your canoe clear from real danger folks.

So to be more crystal clear, our canoe is taking in water right now and if we don’t steer clear of the dangerous situation we’re in now then we will sink into the deepest ocean in the world, right folks?

I mean I hate to criticize my own people but hello, I’m your own CNMI son who is watching where this canoe is going and I hope, honest to God, it will not sink, really.

In the cavemen days the chief selected a few good men to be his watchers for the entire clan to make sure that they could see as far as they could to warn the clans if danger was coming. I am one of those selected watchers of our unique CNMI.

Here is my message to our CNMI voters: It’s not about your wallets, it’s about your ancestors and the people that you look out for so you can share with them your catch to feed them all.

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.