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OPINION | The making of NMI sheroes/heroes & kudos

I WAS inspired to write this by two recent news articles on a CNMI SHERO and HERO.

I am not writing this not so much for readers as I am for the many students in our School Systems (Public & Private) but especially in the Public-School System. I writing this because I was reminded of a study to determine the major difference(s) between the Public & Private Schools. What I found was they are basically the SAME in quality of teachers and subject matter. But the major difference was “EXPECTATIONS & SUPPORT SYSTEM.” Students in private schools KNOW the bar of expectations (academic & morality) is HIGHER than in public schools thus they tend to meet these higher expectations especially when their support system (parents) for students in the private schools are much more vigilant and supportive in making sure their child is well-disciplined and masters their academic course work. Parents in private school are also more “proactive” in their child’s development towards a career through conversation and supportive efforts of what the child wants to be. Heck, there are true stories and even movies of well-off parents with children in private school who are toooo overbearing trying to force their child into a career that is not the desire of the child.

Too many parents just send their child to school with the expectation that Teachers will DO IT ALL but it just doesn’t work that way. Many children are “self-motivated” which is what saves so many of them from a life of destitute with difficult challenges but there is also a large number of students whose self-motivation button is not working and they need help. I have seen entirely too many students get to the 12th grade and they still don’t have an idea of what they want to be which is the result of poor parenting and not enough school counseling. High Schools should have “mandatory career plans” and parents need to talk to their children and even encourage their children to think about what they really want to be for their career. Encourage and put your child in activities that will broaden their horizons be it academic and/or athletics as they will learn a lot about themselves and what they may want to be or do in life. The children who “FIND THEMSELVES” in high school are much more prone to achieve their goals for a career choice as they are taking courses related to their career goal and striving towards their goal in school long before they graduate.

Parents with aggressive and naughty children who are “at-risk of failure in school and life” need to be the FIRST to see the teacher on report card day and do all you can to come up with a plan that you and the teacher come up with to make your child successful in school and in life. In fact, that is what my wife and I did and our girls did the rest on their own. Our youth in school need a support system during their entire education as just like parents nurtured and paid CLOSE attention to children in elementary, they need that same attention throughout their education. Too often when children get to Junior & High School parents just let them go when they are NOT ready to be fully responsible and are not well-grounded morally. So, if you want your child to be a CNMI Shero or Hero then do you part parents and start EARLY as it will make the child’s life much easier and much more successful, for TRUE! PLEASE share this with other parents who don’t read the paper as it will take ALL parents to raise the bar of expectations that our children will surely jump over if we set the bar high. We need as many CNMI Sheroes & Heroes as we can make, for TRUE!

Which brings me to some real-life examples in the CNMI of students who have become a real Shero and hero recently as they were a step-ahead the day they graduated from High School because they KNEW what they wanted to be long before graduation. KUDOS to our CNMI SHERO Jane Rivera Quichocho who is the daughter of her proud parents Joshua and Noemi Quichocho on Tinian and I’m truly happy for them. She obviously dared to ask herself “what do I want to be” and pursued her DREAM that she is now fulfilling, you GO GIRL! KUDOS to Dr. Conrad Manglona Kiyoshi for completing his doctorate degree in biomedical sciences at the Ohio State University! I am so happy for him and his parents, SGM Joaquin Kiyoshi and Ms. Maria Manglona, and family who must be proud of his accomplishments and dedication to achieve his Doctorate Degree. You ROCK Conrad!

And finally, KUDOS to Priscilla Iakopo, my former student, who is another CNMI SHERO who is now the Managing Director at MVA. I also want to thank her and MVA for sponsoring an AD in the U.S. Miss Bikini Magazine supporting Yvette and promoting the CNMI as a tourist destination. If we get just ONE tourist from the thousands who will read the Magazine the measly $350 AD will have literally brought a few thousand to our tourist industry — keep up the good work my “Precy” as I’m confident we will get more than one tourist from the AD”! And please prepare to promote our Cannabis Industry which will surely attract tourists. There are many other CNMI Sheroes/Heroes right here on Island and overseas that I didn’t mention from those in the Military to our Academic and Career Achievers. KUDOS to you ALL! On a personal note, I’m still dreaming of our first Astronaut, our first Olympic Champion and our first U.S. Ambassador and it will surely happen one-day.

The Bible tells us to: “train a child in the way they should go and they will not stray far from that path” and its true if the child was truly trained. The hard work of making your child successful is NOT at school but at home in training your child how they NEED TO BE respectful, disciplined and eager to learn to achieve WHAT THEY WANT TO BE! Don’t put all the burden on the teacher to discipline your child when they should come to school already as a well-disciplined and grounded student. It will make the teachers job so much easier and the results of your child’s education will be much more productive and rewarding. So do your part parents and help to make as many CNMI SHEROS/HEROS as we can as our children NEED to see first-hand what can be achieved as a student in the CNMI — help them shoot for the moon and the stars to be what they want to be and it will happen, for TRUE!

But to this end, the CNMI needs tougher laws governing over parents with children in the Public- School System. I can remember as a teacher when it was time for parents to pick up report cards only the students with good grades parents came to pick up their report card but the parents of students making bad grades and being disruptive NEVER came. I mention in my analysis of Legalization that the CNMI needs a law that specifically addresses “contributing to the delinquency of a minor” which could also apply to Public & Private Schools’ for “mandatory parent participation matters” to make these non-responsible parents be RESPONSIBLE! Sometimes we need Laws with real TEETH in them to get the point across that irresponsible behavior by parents and all adults WILL NOT be tolerated. The BOE didn’t listen to me when I was promoting the need for this law to help students and teachers in being more successful but hopefully the BOE will consider lobby the Legislature for such a law now given it is a different group on the Board from when I was on the BOE. One People and ALL Parents for better parenting in the making of CNMI Sheroes & Heroes!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.