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OPINION | Dirty little secrets in NMI politics

FIRST of all, it never surprised me the way these crafty clever local GOP officials run our local government into the mud and ditch. It’s what they’re good at for decades now.

Last time they passed their casino bill in the midnight hour it’s when the general public was sleeping and it didn’t shock me. It’s really a devil’s act folks.

Every time the GOP squanders millions of money on themselves and get into trouble because they cannot pay their obligations to payroll, retirees, health and education — they scramble to manipulate the people.

These are the same local GOP officials who did not pay into the Retirement Fund years ago and these are the same local GOP officials who implemented payless paydays.

Still, they want you the people of the CNMI to keep believing in them. It’s like we’re dumb, blind and stupid to allow this local GOP corruption to continue.

It’s the same local GOP that deceived you the people when the U.S. judge scolded this local GOP to pay the Retirement Fund so now they keep coming up with more excuses like they are very smart crooks.

They don’t know what kind of excuses to throw at us anymore. It’s hilariously lame to be honest. I mean 15 years of me fighting for land compensation doesn’t bother them at all.

First, majority of these local GOP officials gave themselves a big raise in PSS, in the Legislature, the executive branch, the judiciary on top of their FEMA overtime/half bonus.

A few weeks ago PSS tried to be hostile to its teachers by slashing their pay and telling them they could be let go if they disagreed with the PSS memorandum.

These are the same old PSS GOP people who always complain about the Legislature if they get shorted on funds so God stepped in and destroyed their own schools to give them a real education.

You guys cannot keep stealing from our students and our native landowners. At some point God will shed a light on all your local government corruption, period.

Is it worth it to keep abusing our native landowners today in denying their land compensation? Do you local GOP think you’re all above the law?

I don’t work for the Republicans and I don’t work for the Democrats. I work for the Armor of God’s office in heaven today and my job is to seek the truth and fight corruption in the CNMI or the United States.

I never like fighting lawyers, lawmakers or judges but if I have to then so be it because in today’s government policies whether Democrats or Republicans, it’s always tailored for them and not the voters.

You see where I am getting at here. They can falsify information to the general public and they don’t care if they lie to you or to me because they are the majority.

As someone once said, the lawlessness in the CNMI today only makes CNMI lawmakers look corrupt.

I am still fighting for all our landowners’ compensation and this time I want to hammer it on the forehead of the local GOP.

When Jesus was crucified — that is how I feel for all our landowners who are still waiting for their land compensation through all these years.

Even if CNMI lawmakers do their job to pay off all our landowners, my job will still continue. I will still write about every corruption that will happen in the CNMI.

It’s really unacceptable what all these local GOP officials have been doing in government today. They have been mistreating our native landowners for decades now.

Every time the local GOP misses a golden opportunity to pay our landowners I will call the local GOP officials out and put their feet to the fire and tell them to do their job.

On Rota, two senators never showed up for an important meeting regarding their people’s medical care and dialysis patients who need urgent help.

So if patients have to die because some of their lawmakers are reckless and inconsiderate should we blame CNMI voters or should we just ignore these real life atrocities?

My perspective on this MPLT loan: it’s nothing more than a desperate act to save face. It’s immoral, unethical and reckless. It’s corruption at its best. It’s nothing new.

In closing, I want all these local GOP’s lawmakers to appropriate $100 million and start paying all our native landowners. It’s the law.

No peace, no justice.

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.