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OPINION | The local GOP failed our people

“I WILL lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth These are the things I will do;  I will not forsake them.”  Isaiah 42:16.

You can get lost in the sea if you’re not a good navigator but you can find your path with God.

The reason the local GOP came up with the plan to trash our CNMI Constitution and raid MPLT funds is because they are desperate to save face.

I don’t call this progress. I call this the last desperate act to swindle MPLT — as simple as that. It is reckless and wrong.

The government still owes majority of our land owners land compensation. There is too much continuation of CNMI corruption.

But the local GOP would rather blame it on Mother Nature instead of facing the truth on how they dug up Pandora’s Box — our ancestors’ sacred resting grounds.

These local GOP officials are ignoring the truth and will not admit to their biggest disrespectful action. See folks, our departed ancestors’ spirits may not be with us physically but they are with us in spirit and with damaging results.

So now they want to raid our ancestors’ MPLT funds that protect our lives and are part of our native inheritance.

For any disrespectful crafty clever deed done to our native lands there will be karma. It’s in our sacred customs, culture, belief system and core values that guard us today as Pacific Islanders, and we ignore them at our own peril.

A typhoon just doesn’t come accidentally. It is pay-back, good spanking smackdown from our Mother Nature and ancestors’ karma because the local GOP dug up the sacred bones of our dead ancestors without any ritual blessings performed to protect us from harm.

You local GOP can put all your brains together to do what’s best for your local GOP ideology, but the fact is there will be karma because of your actions. God is watching us.

You all saw the devastation after Yutu tore everything up on Saipan, but you still want to thumb your noses to Mother Nature and Father Sky.

Things will never be the same again no matter how you all put together your crafty brains and smartness. God gave you your brains so please use them effectively.

I’ve heard it before from a master chief healer and educator, Piailug. We cannot disrespect our sacred core values as Pacific Islanders. We always must respect our ancestors’ sacred grounds.

But, no, we have to build the local GOP money casino to bring us prosperity right? And it only brought our natives more harm, suffering and pain today because of a few clever, crafty locals in our government.

Now you see what you have done to us, and then you turn around and give yourselves a big raise and a big FEMA GOP bonus and now you all want to raid our ancestors’ MPLT funds?

If this is not cruelty then it must be evil because this is ruthless in my opinion. It is incomprehensible and unacceptable if you ask a CNMI native writer like me who is a real student of our island Chief Piailug.

It cannot be further from the truth when my Dad explained that CNMI lawmakers were only looking out for the interest of foreigners and not our own people.

My Dad even told me not to come back to Saipan and be a part of a family fighting over land. But as a student of Chief Piailug I must write about what’s important to us today.

We need to uphold our ancestors’ moral values and sacred laws and remind CNMI lawmakers that we are not the U.S. We are tiny Pacific Islands but with abundant resources.

If we don’t get our acts together and protect our fellow islanders we will be doomed.

I was fortunate and lucky to be Chief Piailug’s student in my teenage life because his sacred teachings and lessons have stayed with me as a civics writer and a tough advisor to NMI lawmakers.

Think about it guys. I am a true loyal student of Carolinian Chief Piailug. I honor our cultural heritage to be a watcher of my islanders. It’s how I honor our ancestors and Chief Piailug.

We are the Pacific navigators who don’t use a compass or GPS. We can steer clear from harm in the wide open crystal blue ocean. We can find the results we want now.

We cannot lose our way. Our ancestors are watching us today. We must do what is right for our native next generation of youths. We cannot saddle them with bad debts.

We cannot forsake our next generations to come. It’s our responsibility and our obligation to protect our generations to come in the future — today.

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.