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OPINION | Epitaph of CNMI democracy (35): The political leap of faith

VOTING is really taking a “leap of faith” and I hope that by putting it in the context of a leap of faith that voters will take their responsibility much more SERIOUSLY!

Our goal for the up-coming mid-terms should be ALL ABOUT REVIVING OUR DEMOCRACY from the DEAD with TWO PARTIES not voting for the Rooster you think will win. By definition “independents” are LONERS when We the People need a Democratic Party worse than a hog-needs-slop for TRUE! Voters are asked to take a Political Leap of Faith every time we enter the voting booth and too often, We the People end up calling the person we took the leap of faith for all kinds of things from being corrupt to even being a criminal. Many voters on the mainland, especially GOP voters, are now realizing that the leap of faith that they took with President Trump is turning out to be a “hard crash-landing” due to “racism, a rise in White Supremacy Activists & SHOOTERS, a tweeting negotiator leader with other nations instead of a real Diplomat, and a buffoon at the helm of our nation literally who is devastating and dividing America even more. Voters put a lot of faith in the person that they vote for but We the People must really STOP-LOOK & THINK about our Politicians before taking that leap of faith as they are all human and have fallen short of God’s expectations. You can bet that most of our leaders if not all have done something in their past that could have gotten them into trouble including our past and present Presidents BUT they just never got caught. Many of them smoked marijuana but now they want to act like they are sooooo perfect and up-right and their true colors were shown in the marijuana bill when they went against the wisdom to allow EVERYONE (equality) a chance in the Legalization Governance System but instead, they “BANNED people with a criminal record.” I warned them that Colorado did the same thing and now the state is facing a MASIVE Federal Lawsuit for violating “equal opportunity law” so guess what’s going to happen here which will just be another one of my I TOLD YOU SOs AGAIN! I just wish our leaders could get punished for my I Told You SOs which is what would happen when we would mess up as children and our parents would say “Didn’t I TELL YOU — and you know the rest including the spanking that followed”!

Voters take the leap of faith on someone with a clean record all the time but too often we find out too late when they end up finally getting caught with their hands-in-the-cookie-jar figuratively. There is really no way to completely avoid taking a leap of faith with our politicians but We the People can be much more responsible and successful if we follow a real plan for “vetting our candidates” beyond the Popularity Contest of Pocket-Meetings in what we call elections. Politicians on the mainland face their entire life being exposed but in the CNMI we don’t hear none of the “GOOD-STUFF” about our leaders like how someone cheated on their wife which speaks to their character, how someone did this or did that on the job or when they were in college if they even went to college, how they have done people in the past and the list goes on as to what we DON’T KNOW about our Politicians. In has become soooo bad that I have seen politicians just run under the GOP Banner because that seems to be the most important thing to entirely tooooooo many voters, not their character and ability to deliver. It’s like I said awhile back about how our voters are only concerned about voting for the Rooster they think will win but voting is not a cockfight and it is certainly far more serious with far-sweeping consequences.

We the People are now starting to see the REAL CONSEQUENCES of our leap of faith with our GOP Governor who literally PROMISED PROSPERITY but we literally crash-landed in AUSTERITY! Voters should be extremely disappointed and extremely angry after jumping off the cliff with our Governor and NO PARACHUTE (no safety net nor a real plan for prosperity just saying the word so many times voters fell for a mirage figuratively). The opposing Party is supposed to be our safety net but we only have one Party. Voters on the mainland quickly placed a safety net under #45 (Trump) by electing a predominately Democratic House of Representatives to place a check on this you-know-what racist President. We must do the same in the CNMI by electing as many Democrats as possible in the mid-term to place a real check on our Governor.

Another way of determining if you should take a leap of faith with a politician is to see and ask about them especially if they even attend Mass or Church just to have some idea as to if they are truly grounded with real morals. Voters need to “net-work” just like many politicians network with each other to get elected. I say this because for many of our leaders, so I’ve been told and from what I see myself, never attend Mass until there is a “death, a special day or it is election season” — for TRUE! It’s not all politicians but we do have the Easter, Christmas, Deaths and Election Season politicians who make themselves known at Mass when they do come just to shake-hands for their personal intentions. I know people HAVE to see this but they don’t give it the proper weight and validity when it comes to deciding who to take the leap of faith for in voting. I just pray that this austerity is teaching a real-life lesson that the leap of faith for voters is REAL and it can truly hurt if you crash like we just did as this is especially true for those who lost their job and those suffering with fewer hours. These people shouldn’t want to vote for a GOP Governor or anyone for a very-very-very LONG TIME!

What is so amazing to me is that voters don’t seem to want to take a leap of faith with any of the Democrats for the past two decades and I KNOW for a fact that all of the Democrats were not that bad just not the right BIG ROOSTER (GOP). For sure the GOP has “out-matched” the Democrats with BIGGER ROOSTERS which has caused tooo voters to NOT HAVE FAITH in the Democrats but there is such a thing as the “under-dog winning.” Voters can’t continue to be afraid of taking the leap with the under-dog that can actually HELP to make our Government Better with a Democrat Party. Winning isn’t everything, which is something most coaches teach our youth in the many lessons they will learn from competition and voters need to take heed to this fact that taking the leap of faith with the GOP just to win because they might win the election but it is actually a “LOSING PROPOSITION” in the end with AUSTERITY not PROSPERITY, for TRUE!

The next time voters take the leap of faith in the coming mid-term elections take that leap ALONE in the voting booth as no one is looking but YOU and stop broadcasting who you will vote for which actually contributes to our elections being a popularity contest! Make ALL of them SWEAT and work to PROVE their worth but when they know everyone is already voting for only GOP we get what we just got “a phony PROMISE and a CRASH LANDING.” We the People should ALL think seriously long and hard about placing our faith in a NEW and DIFFERENT ROOSTER as it is better to lose in the voting booth than to think you are a winner and end up crashing! Every time WE the People have taken the leap of faith with the GOP in the past two decades something always seems to make us CRASH and history will bear-me-out with all the emergencies and austerities we have gone through over the past two decades. It’s time for us to FLY and really find PROSPERITY with a two-party system because voters have to be tired of crashing & burning figuratively with the GOP and Independents who can’t deliver a real check on our Governor. A government with no real checks & balances IS NOT a Democracy for TRUE! One people one direction for taking the leap of faith with the Democrats in the coming mid-terms and in the next general election.

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.