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OPINION | Epitaph of CNMI democracy (36): GOP social foolishness & education

THE GOP’s recent attempt to make a law to CONTROL social behavior was just out right foolishness and short-sighted or should I say was totally BLIND, for TRUE!

This is what conservatism does when it comes to social behavior but when it comes to CONTROLLING Big Businesses who influence Social Behavior they will help Big Business FIRST and foremost and believe it or not our GOP is EXACTLY like the GOP on the mainland which is why our voters really need to be educated on WHAT & WHO they are really voting for over the past two decades. Voters who pledge allegiance to our GOP are supporting “race discrimination (only locals in government, big business before the people (IPI & casino), and Social Control over dictating to our School System as to what really needs to be done and TAUGHT (no laws for BOE & PSS to do a darn thing). I could go on and on with more examples of the GOP’s TRUE Colors and BANNER but I truly I PRAY readers get-it and will even pass this important message on by telling a friend to tell another friend. Voters need to literally “light up the Coconut Wire about our GOP and our Dead Democracy” as it will ONLY get better for the People when the PEOPLE decide to take back their OWNERSHIP in our Government by resurrecting our Democracy with the rise of the Democratic Party to play a major (equal) role in our Democracy!

The recent Bill to “ban texting when crossing the street” by the House of Representatives in which all the GOP voted YES while all the Independents voted NO tells a TRUE STORY about our GOP. It tells how our GOP would rather make laws to control Social Behavior over FORCING IPI to come up with the 20 MILLION they already OWE the People but instead we continue to hear the Law for the MPLT Loan being AMENDED — when are ALL the NMDs going to realize that they need to GET-RID-of the-GOP!!! You only need common sense to know how stupid and ridiculous this law is. WHO in their right mind would try to text when crossing the street and furthermore are there even any recorded deaths from this stupidity? We have or should have a “jaywalking law” to make sure people are crossing at the proper place on major roads — it’s Kaduku (crazy)! A jay-walking law should resolve any legal issues when a pedestrian crosses the street and we should have laws DICTATING to BOE & PSS as to incorporate as part of students’ mandatory course work “PROPER & SAFE MEDIA USAGE.”

I can remember when I started teaching over two decades ago that “food, shelter & housing” were the primary focus of early childhood education but that has changed and course work needs to change too include “communication, transportation, and proper media usages (phones, tablets & computers). Heck we have three-year-olds who can actually go through Mom’s or Dad’s phone or tablet to play games and watch videos and they can’t even read yet which means EDUCATION is truly needed in the use of these media tools. This education should focus more on the “Ethics & Safety” of using these devices because they don’t need too much instruction on HOW to use them as they have been doing that before they could read nowadays. Keeping up with the change or should I say the evolution of our society is a major responsibility of our Education System just like BOE & PSS still hasn’t gotten it that much of the burden for “TRANSFORMING our Workforce” is on THEM! When will BOE & PSS create a “SYTEMIC Plan between Businesses and the School System” to get as many of our graduates “guaranteed jobs” in the CNMI when they graduate???

We need laws to MAKE BOE & PSS do certain things and to create course work for the NEEDS of the CNMI and our YOUTH. I provided PSS & BOE with a genuine plan to get every youth that wanted to stay in the CNMI a chance to get a guaranteed job. But it didn’t matter that the plan was “RESEARCH BASED and PROVEN to be SUCCESSFUL” in another country based on PROVEN studies under the auspices of our U. S. Department of Education. The problem was the plan came from Ambrose M. Bennett, the outsider trying to tell Locals what to do which makes me a forbidden fruit figuratively — I TOLD YOU SO that racism is a real problem in the CNMI. The CNMI could be well on its way to resolving as much of the Workforce Transition as possible but to date our GOP nor our BOE has come up with a real “SYSTEMIC Plan (a system wide plan that will incorporate ALL students through the Education System WITH the ENTIRE Business Community).”

You would think that BOE & PSS would be literally begging for a former Board Member and teacher like myself who was first-runner up for the Teacher of the Year on more than one occasion, a recognized Researcher & Scholar by the U.S. Dept. of Ed, and a recognized U.S. Constitutional Scholar by the U.S. Congress to come and help with their planning and strategies but they would rather get someone from the mainland who may only know a little about WHAT is happening and WHAT & HOW something really needs to be done in the CNMI. It doesn’t matter that the Pacific Educational Resources Laboratory PREL) used me as a “Teachers’ Teacher (Presenter)” for over a decade on Majuro, Rota, Guam and in Hawaii on more than one occasion but you notice I was never used when the conference came to Saipan — need I say why!

The clock is ticking and it is now 9 years before we have to meet a critical deadline established by Our-Fathers-in-Washington who don’t and won’t play when it comes to deadlines, for TRUE. Remember the warnings about immigration that eventually led to the takeover of our immigrations! It seems our GOP will continue to fail to learn our lessons from history and will continue making the SAME MISTAKE! I already know this is going to be another I TOLD YOU SO if our Democracy is not risen from the DEAD, for TRUE!

But just to show how our National GOP is no different when it comes to controlling Social Behavior more recently the mass shootings by White Supremacy advocates tells a true story. The GOP control Senate sits on a Bill to address the use of guns but #45 (Trump) is saying it’s all about crazy people and not the ability to by “assault weapons” that nobody really needs. But the National Rifle Association doesn’t want a ban on assault weapons and they have the most powerful lobbying effort in Washington with literally 100s of millions being devoted to keeping gun laws like they are. So, guess who losses their life under the GOP’s BS — yes, We the People and now it’s even Immigrants. Instead of creating a real systemic plan to allow 5 to 10 thousand or more a year to come into America through the Mexican Border the GOP wants to build walls and make it criminal behavior for families to enter America looking for a better life.

Just to show the real nature of the Conservative GOP like the GOP President who declared “War on Drugs” and created the many Cartels that we have today when he should have been trying to EDUCATE Americans on the dangers and foolishness of using hard drugs. There should have also been a support system put in place to help EVERYONE who got addicted but the way it is now only the rich can afford these centers as the Public Centers are few with fewer resources and far & few-in-between. But our GOP leaders chose to start a war that has been going on for 48 YEARS now and still can’t win it and never will as long as dealing with drugs is a WAR! Our own GOP has tried to fight a war with the Feds on too many issues only to end up losing, for TRUE!

Another GOP President declared “War on Terrorism” in an attempt to discourage Terrorism but instead of just KILLING Bin Laden he created a THOUSAND Bin Laden instead of sending special forces to find and kill him like a Democrat President chose to do. America has less to fear from Terrorists who are in foreign countries now as our CIA and Homeland Security are doing a GREAT job to prevent attacks on America so far. America’s problem is really our OWN Homegrown Racist Terrorists that I talk about in my book on sale on Amazon (The Audacity to Change — “Buckle Your Seat Belts America” — under #45 (Trump). Heck our Governor acts like Racism is not a problem in the CNMI just like #45 (Trump) wants us to think that White Supremacy IS NOT a problem when ALL of the recent Terrorists acts in America are being created by White Supremist-duh! But our Governor was the FIRST Governor to support #45 so think on THAT voters because the devil is TRULY in the details. The GOP’s “Local Supremacy Doctrine is just as BAD as the White Supremacy Doctrine” and that’s-a-FACT-Jack as we would say in my culture! To be continued as our GOP can’t help but to keep giving me a reason and subject to write about: One people one direction for resurrecting our DEAD Democracy!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.