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OPINION | The problem & Ambrose ‘kudos Nola, Democrats & Independents’

AS an activist in our Community I was truly glad to see Ms. Hix and other leaders of the CNMI starting a real “PROTEST” against all the things that are going WRONG with our Government.

For sure, I have been writing about and complaining about all the things they mentioned that are of major concerns to many citizens living in the CNMI. Hix was soooo right to say “People should rise up” which is only half of the solution to the problem because the bigger part of the problem and challenge is PURLY POLITICAL! If our government is truly the real problem then the answer to fixing this problem can ONLY be POLITICAL!!!

Unlike, Ms. Hix, I don’t have to play the game of being “politically correct” when it comes to these demonstrations and the need for political change. But what caught my attention was one commenter to the article seemed to want to keep the protest non-political. Well the people who don’t think this is or should be a political game don’t really understand the problem because it is the “politics” of our Governor and his Party that is the problem. There is no way to avoid the political aspect of the real problem which is a need to “FIX our Government” with the proper checks & balances between our Legislature and our Governor which is the very desired structure of our Government under the Federal and CNMI Constitutions. So, if We the People truly want to stop our run-away government that is full of “abuses of power, nepotism, corruption, racism, and a host of other bad attributes” and make it work properly WE need to find the POLITICAL ANSWER to the problem. If we have a political problem logic dictates, we must find a Political Solution, duh! That solution is exactly what I have been writing about in the last 78 to 80 pages of my Epitaphs which is about: “Political CHANGE”!

But it’s important to note that, the commenter needs to understand that the facts about our Governor and the GOP are not a secret when I write about them and I have NEVER LIED on them so anyone who thinks or doesn’t know any different really needs to do their OWN homework. The fact is our Democracy is DEAD and we need to find a political solution to revive our Democracy. As for the commenter who seems to think I am playing some kind of “political game” they sound like a GOP emissary even if they aren’t trying to a “put-a-spin” on the protest as to “how it should not become political” — hog slop for TRUE! FYI, this is not a game when people are losing jobs and workhours and I have been speaking the TRUTH based on my own personal experiences with the Governor, the GOP elected officials, the FACTS that are Public, our CNMI HISTORY that is also Public knowledge and the PURE SCIENCE of Politics — this is REAL LIFE with REAL consequences and not be considered a game!!! But most importantly, of all the attacks and character assassination attempts made on me in the past two & a-half decades NO ONE has EVER been able to call me a LIE or LIAR — and that’s the TRUTH and the records of these “public attacks” will reveal I and now telling the TRUTH! So, TRUTH is what it is and disagreeing with it or putting a spin on it still won’t change the fact that it was the TRUTH and my many I TOLD YOU SOs bear witness to this FACT!

It is truly “time to take action” like Ms. Hix said and I must commend her and the others for getting something started and We the People MUST KEEP-UP as I will certainly be attending! But WHAT ACTION(s) beyond protesting is the real question that needs to be answered? For me, I know from experience and the science of Politics that “rising up and complaining” alone IS NOT always going to fix our Government as our situation requires NEW Leaders and the UNIFICATION of Existing Leaders to unify the Majority of Voters to fix the problem. This is a lesson that history has taught over and over which is: We the People need a Unified Position as well as a Unified Leadership because if WE don’t achieve the two primary goals of Unification as voters and leaders the GOP will win again and WE will lose — Political Science 200 & 300 courses!

I’m saying We the People can lose because our Governor is literally in the “cat-bird seat” and not really worrying about protest now because he has the GOP’s “BASE of SUPPORTERS” which is somewhere between 40 and 60 percent of the voters with the biggest block being Government workers. While I was truly glad to see Independents and Democrats at the protest together but if Independents and Democrats don’t truly join forces as a Party the Independents and Democrats will simply CANCEL each other OUT in the voting booth and our Governor and the GOP will WIN again which is one of the main reasons new Democrats can’t get a foothold in our Legislature not to mention the Governor’s office. This is basic Political Science driven by the empirical data of our voting numbers and it’s not a game for play but a game for KEEPS and the winner takes ALL.

Our Governor also knows that voters have short memories and he is also making a safe BET that our economy will start to turn around before election season which somehow seems to happen entirely too often — yes, some of it is even PLANNED by the GOP. The Governor is counting on voters to do just like they did in his last election by saying to themselves: “let him finish what he started.” So, WE the PEOPLE need to keep meeting on Austerity Fridays and to BUILD our Numbers by telling a friend to tell another friend to join in the MOVEMENT for CHANGE led by Ms. Hix, our Washington Delegate and Independents. Do like Dr. King taught us in the Civil Rights Movement to: “Keep our eyes on the PRIZE (a CHANGED Government) and EVERYDAY is a DAY-ON until the battle has been won” (until our Government is FIXED and working properly). I would also like to share some of the positive comments and one more negative comment that were posted to the article on Ms. Hix:

“I am glad people are finding the courage and speaking out now. Hopefully, something good comes out of this.”



“Yes, Rise Up CNMI”

“Government of NMDs, by NMDs and for NMDs.”

I saved this one for last as it tells a TRUE story that racism does exist in the CNMI of America and this person is definitely a GOP emissary whether they know it or not. They have taken the Federal Doctrine of We (ALL) the People and turned it into a Doctrine for ONLY Locals — wow and some nerve! Last I heard this is a government OF, FOR & BY ALL the People living and voting in the CNMI, not just for Locals. I TOLD YOU SO that these people exist and now one goes public — THANKS for Exposing the TRUTH that hides in the CNMI behind a GOP Banner!

I pray Ms. Hix and the rest will continue to take this Political Fight to our GOP. FOR ALL the People in the CNMI. KUDOS and KEEP it up Independents and Democrats because UNITED as ONE PEOPLE (Party) is the ONLY way to take down this DRAGON GOP Government figuratively. One people one direction for the political solution to our political problems!

The write is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.