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OPINION | Epitaph of CNMI democracy (38): Paradise lost

FOR sure the CNMI is Paradise but we can also be SURE that we are LOST when it comes to our Dead Democracy our Economic Plight and our Social Evolution.

For almost two decades the GOP has been pushing the Casino and when they finally get their Casino, We the People can see the results — all for IPI and Austerity for the People for TRUE! As an Economist with a B.A. in Economics I can tell readers that Economic Ventures today are all about “COMPETITION” and our GOP has continued to refuse to really COMPETE! It is not that they can’t think but it is their very NATURE of being conservative in their thinking so when it comes to generating NEW Ideas and NEW Tourism Ventures they are totally LOST! In fact, the Governor’s office just issued an official request for us to offer them ideas which proves they don’t have a vision nor a real plan — DUH and HELLER Readers! Creating a Casino that will have to compete against the MEGA Casinos already in our Region was not farsighted at all or should I say BLIND given what is happening with our Casino that was literally given everything but the kitchen sink and they still haven’t made it work like they promised and it may NEVER meet the grand expectations that were broadcasted by our GOP.

It is becoming more and more apparent that We the People NEED some LIBERAL THINKING when it comes to our Economic Plight. I read a letter last week for the CNMI to say NO to RACISM but that letter should have been addressed to the GOP who is the biggest culprit of racism and too often we hear Locals say “THIS IS MY ISLAND” to non-locals when they get mad or disagree with them —for TRUE. You won’t find mainland Americans saying to immigrants “THIS IS MY AMERICA” unless they are Racist White Supremist. So, racism is REAL in our Paradise that is LOST politically, economically and even socially. But I would like to believe that first and foremost our Democrats like the Democrats on the mainland will truly EMBRACE DIVERSITY in people and their ideas and not be so concerned about the SOURCE unlike the GOP who only want Locals in Government and Locally Generated Ideas. I know for a fact that I have offered many great NEW ideas that would have helped the CNMI tremendously in improving our Tourism Industry. Casinos are OLD ideas that really don’t attract tourists like they used to as even Las Vegas had to change to a family oriented format to maintain and survive due to the death of the novelty factor in Vegas casinos (novelty factor: “newness that attracts people which does have an expiration date depending on the activity”) as many things and activities just become OLD like the casino business, as its only new for the Chinese that can come to the CNMI and there is nothing else here for the Chinese to relate too – what was the GOP thinking, duh! A special KUDOS to the authors of the opinion letters: “Equality not racism CNMI!,” “CNMI says no to racism” “Stop judging others” —keep fighting the GOOD Fight People!

I can remember when China was building their Olympic Venues and they wanted to purchase Pozzolan from the CNMI but instead of being PROACTIVE and securing contracts for the Pozzolan our GOP just drop-the-ball literally and We the People got NOTHING! I have no doubt that if we don’t get some Democrats in power who are liberal that the Pozzolan will still be sitting there for another 100 years if we wait on the GOP to do something productive with it. FYI readers, Pozzolan was first used by the ancient Romans to build their underwater support systems for Ports and in their buildings for its amazing strengthening power and durability. Pozzolan is the BEST thing that we can use on earth when it comes to mixing cement but our GOP is just letting it sit there while they play around with the casino. In fact, our GOP is LOST and doesn’t know how to “multi-task” as they have a “One-track-Mind” when it comes to economics which we just witnessed with the casino and they couldn’t get that right. Heck they started out giving the Casino all kinds of tax breaks that they could NEVER get anywhere else in the world and they keep giving IPI everything they want because there is no real check on them by a real Party so they are literally FREE to keep messing up. When will the GOP DEMAND for IPI to pay the 20 million in Community Chess funds DUE but they can borrow from their OWN NMDs — this is the TRUE COLOR of our GOP and its certainly not pretty!

Given we are in austerity with no end in sight maybe We the People, especially the Democratic Party, should be exploring how we can start a Pozzolan Industry as we have a humongous supply of the stuff. Our Pozzolan is a real Gold Mine but nobody in the GOP is doing the HOME WORK to develop the Pozzolan Industry to help diversify our economic base. If the Democrats truly want to win, they need to start working on genuine new ideas to help the CNMI and creating a Pozzolan Industry will do wonders for our Economy and for the Northern Islands as there will finally be a real support system for people living in the Northern Islands. The CNMI is evolving and we will need more and more funding with each new budget just to keep up with the times and if we don’t get ahead of the winds-of-change to use them in pushing us forward they will surely end up in our face with us REACTING and being pushed backwards like we are doing now because we didn’t keep the wind to our back figuratively. This is why I keep saying we need the Liberal Minds of Democrats in our Legislature more than ever to get in front of the winds-of-change by being PROACTIVE to CHANGE unlike the GOP that is only REACTIVE to Change — that’s the GOSPEL TRUTH!!!

Another Idea I had suggested long ago was for the CNMI to use Goat Island that is just sitting there idle and will more than likely be that way until We the People have someone in Government who will do something about it. We already know the GOP is not going to do a darn thing with the island and if it is left up to them it may be another 100 years or more before it is finally used. The GOP’s biggest problem is they can’t think CHANGE and they certainly can’t DREAM BIG and NEW due to their very nature of conservatism which is why we need both conservative and liberal minds in our Government. The CNMI could literally have investors begging for Goat Island especially if the CNMI would do the homework to get the “Army Corps of Engineers to help with establishing a Dock and to clear a path for a road,” which is one of the purposes of the 702 & 902 Talks in our Covenant but our GOP hates to do HOMEWORK! The worst part is our GOP will never ask for an outsider’s help and they will even act like they NEVER even saw or read this opinion. The CNMI must develop a fully functional BROAD BASED (diverse) Economy that is up-to-date with modern activities and tourist attractions if we are to find REAL Prosperity from our Tourism Industry and it’s obvious, we can’t do it with our GOP who only thought about a casino and is now literally begging for ideas — for TRUE!

Over a decade ago I wrote about how the CNMI should be offering the Big Amusement Companies like “Disney, Six Flags and others” the opportunity to have their OWN island for developing an Amusement Park in Paradise. The CNMI should literally be offering a FREE Lease for the Development of Goat Island that will sit dormant for the next 50 or 100 years or more if we don’t try to DO something with it. Goat Island can bring ferries and 100s of millions in revenues over time and millions of tourists over time as it will be the ONLY real Amusement Park in our Region (Paradise) of the Pacific. Heck, even people from all over Micronesia, Palau, Yap, Samoa & American Samoa and Islanders as far south as the Melanesian Islands who will become a new Tourists Market for Saipan just to get to Goat Island. We are literally sitting on a GOLD MINE with Goat Island which is a real opportunity to GROW and DIVERSIFY our economic base but our GOP can’t think like this and more importantly they will NEVER let an idea of this magnitude from an outsider become a reality — no respect and appreciation for the diversity of people & thinking in our society. The GOP does not appreciate the diversity of thinking when it comes to making big decisions about the CNMI as, us outsiders in the cheap seats can only come and punch a timecard but don’t try to be a decision maker in government nor say or do anything to make our government, economy and life better in the CNMI — GOP RACISM is killing the CNMI’s chances for real PROSPERITY for TRUE! This is our LOST GOP that the people voted for our Paradise that is now LOST when they took the leap-of-faith with the GOP for the past two decades and only ended up with a Casino that is now going nowhere quick, fast and in-a-hurry for TRUE! To be continued as our GOP can’t help but to keep giving me a reason and subject to write about: One people one direction for resurrecting our DEAD Democracy!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.