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OPINION | With all due respect to NMI Republican officials

IF you knew our customs and culture, you would have prioritized the reburial of our ancestors’ bones from the get go and just maybe you would not be facing the flak you’re facing today. We call it “Respect for our Ancestors.”

Being disrespectful to our ancestors has its own consequences. You guys may think you could get away by not reburying our ancestors ASAP, but our ancestors have their own sacred way of expressing their outrage.

I have nothing against the GOP, but our ancestors may have something against the GOP. Think about it. They can come in as super powerful deadly typhoons. So if you want to blame someone for the dire financial mess the CNMI is facing then you’ll end up blaming our ancestors.

So who started the problem in the first place? It’s the GOP that dug up the resting graves of our ancestors who responded swiftly with not one or two but three super powerful typhoons that totally crippled the CNMI government. It’s called karma.

I think third graders are smarter than the entire local GOP establishment. Why? Because your casino won’t stop our ancestors’ powerful revenge and now you all want to blame it on three powerful typhoons to cover up your bad deeds. It’s a lame excuse used by politicians today everywhere.

But let’s be real here. If you think money can replace our ancestors’ sacred resting place, you’re all wrong and disrespectful. Because of your self-interest and greedy bad behaviors, karma has spoken.

Our sacred customs and cultural beliefs should be respected and honored at all costs. I don’t care if you’re a lawmaker or a governor. We just don’t disrespect our sacred customs and cultural rituals.

I know these things because I saw and witnessed deadly things with my own father who was a medicine man and a healer. He taught me Carolinian culture, and it’s not something we can ignore or dishonor especially when it involves our ancestors’ bones.

This is why I will never agree with you lawmakers on your collective point of view because I know what is right for all our ancestors so for you Governor to write your op-ed is more like blaming our departed ancestors.

It’s disappointing that all of you GOP officials think your ideology is better than our great ancestors’ wisdom. It’s more like the blind leading the blind and the lies keep coming from the local GOP officials who are prioritizing the casino’s agenda instead of taking care of our ancestors’ bones for reburial ASAP. This is unacceptable and reckless.

You local GOP officials are to be blamed for these disasters the CNMI is facing today. There is no question about it. I know because I have been watching your GOP crafty clever plans and bad decisions from the beginning when the Retirement Fund went bankrupt under the GOP.

All your GOP actions are desperate acts to save your faces and your party, but you cannot fool your own CNMI civic writer like me because I take notes daily based on the daily news accounts.

At the G7 world leaders’ meeting, in a joint statement, most U.S. allies backed the United States on free trade policies and this is what President Trump said: “In the spirit of achieving fair trade we must balance this very unfair trading relationship.”

Meaning we cannot let the Chinese take advantage of the CNMI today and I speak for our ancestors and their vision. They must be respected and honored to protect our local people’s interest and not the interest of the IPI casino.

It’s pathetic that we did not fast-track the reburial of our ancestors because of the delay in IPI’s construction project. Really guys? Are you guys out of your minds?

So are you guys telling me that Chinese money is more important than all our ancestors’ bones today? Are you guys waiting for another typhoon to come again? I mean this is not a joke. This is one serious obligation.

If you CNMI politicians really did a respectful job in your office maybe there won’t be any typhoons. Maybe the CUC vouchers did help CUC customers, but what about the truth guys? Please tell me so because the typhoons say “No way Jose,” right?

I mean at some point when the typhoons clear up the truth the light will shine in to tell us what we did wrong in the first place, right guys?

I mean how long can you local GOP officials lie to our own native people on why it’s taking years to re-bury our ancestors’ bones?

At some point you local GOP officials should seek the help of our Chamorro or Carolinian medicine men and women and learn how to prepare for the reburial of our ancestors’ bones so we can finally have some peace of mind, and our native people will not be harmed again.

I mean ignoring our obligations and our responsibilities to rebury our ancestors’ bones must be a lesson learned. We must do the right thing for our ancestors’ bones. We must honor and respect them.

In closing, if you politicians think your policies are good today, think about this: there are a lot of CNMI natives who want to come home now, but they can’t because there are no jobs for them to come home to. This is terrible and unacceptable.

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.