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OPINION | Epitaph of CNMI democracy (42): Our silent majority & utopia!

THERE has always been a “silent majority” in the shadows of American Politics that usually makes the difference in most elections.

The last Presidential Election was proof that the Silent Majority still exist in America as ALL the Polls had Hillary Clinton winning the Presidency but that was not to be as the silent majority did not speak in many of the polls. There is a growing sense that the silent majority in the CNMI is following suit because People are starting to talk and spread the GOOD NEWS of my Epitaphs!

I was truly glad to see the Executive Member of the Democratic Party pushing for a two-party system again because that is what We the People need MOST in the CNMI if we are to have a living and healthy Democracy. I applaud the Independents for their efforts in the past but they must realize that We the People need to join forces so that we can ALL ride in the same vehicle to improve our Government. All the voters will never fit in the vehicle of a singular Independent candidate as it just doesn’t work that way by the very definition of Independent. There are only two vehicles capable of carrying all or at least the majority of voters and they are the GOP and Democrat Parties — it is really that simple of a science.

I have complete admiration, respect and appreciation for all the Independents especially Ed Propst and Tina Sablan who are real fighters but they NEED a TEAM to help them and you don’t need to be a political scientist to know this FACT! This newspaper is literally the “Locker-room where Game Plans are looked at and discussed” by the PEOPLE and we must face ALL the facts good, bad, bitter & sweet so my Epitaphs shouldn’t be taken personal especially by a professional. If I’m wrong about something I will be the FIRST to STAND CORRECTED in Public as there is no shame in my game but when I’m RIGHT professionals should admit the TRUTH and get BETTER! I’m sure the Citizens for Change want a UNITED CNMI not an Independent CNMI – see the problem that Independents face being more of the problem than the solutions! Independents may get a few pet-projects done but they will NEVER help ALL the People of the CNMI on a scale that is needed by the majority.


The silence in public responses to my 41 previous Epitaphs tells me that “I’m on OFFENCE and the Governor and his administration are on DEFENCE and the good part is I don’t have anything to defend as a private citizen. The Governor even thinks We the People think its election time because of the demonstrations and I’m sure my many articles may be firing BULLETS from ones near him for bring this hale of bullets at him and the GOP. They need to know that THIS is really how election season BEGINS on the mainland as they haven’t seen NOTHING YET once the season really gets here. It ain’t going to be pretty I can tell you that much! The Governor wrote a letter about his Facebook Profile being hacked that got dozens of comments and many if not most were NEGATIVE and rightfully so. Why didn’t the Governor write to WE the PEOPLE a letter about his need to declare AUSTERITY – he didn’t have the WISDOM nor the RESPECT for voters because it is NOT election season. But people were watching and now they are taking NOTES on what I’m writing FOR the People on Election Day!

The silence to my Epitaphs, especially by my critics, tells me that I may just be getting people to see the SAME light that I am looking at when looking at the CNMI. We all know it is still a great place to live and raise a family compared to many places on the mainland where you have to HOPE & PRAY you are not in the wrong place at the wrong time and I will leave it at that. Even the Governor is feeling the heat as it is getting hot in his Office and I’m sure some of it is because of ME as he seems to be confused as why he is being treated like its election season. I also TOLD YOU SO Governor and other Politicians about using Social Media for Political Stuff and now it is coming back to haunt our Governor with his Profile being hacked. #45 is the BEST example that Politicians shouldn’t use Social Media for politics!

Utopia Starts with YOU Voters of the CNMI!

Some of the synonyms for Utopia are “Ideal, PARADISE, Heaven, Shangri-la, Dreamland” and I’m sure most readers can relate to PARADISE rather than Utopia when we think and even speak of the CNMI. BUT our Governor and his GOP have been literally FAILING our Paradise for the past two decades as we have a short good time spell that is always followed by a LONG bad times spell. Heck the GOP kept the Casino in the forefront of voters for over TEN YEARS as their ONLY Master Plan for TRUE and now look at the MESS they have made! I’m sure most readers want the CNMI to TRULY be a PARADISE in the Pacific but we don’t have the leadership to make that happen plain and simple and our history over the past two decades is PROOF that the GOP has FAILED to truly make the CNMI Paradise! Many people see us as really taking one step forward and three steps backwards at a time, for TRUE!

I have always admired Zaldy as a writer and his Editorial on Utopia Starts with Us was SOOOO RIGHT which is why I must reteach this lesson as we might say in education! Zaldy quoted in his 1995 book, “Trust,” Francis Fukuyama pointed out that further improvements in postindustrial societies cannot be achieved through ambitious social engineering. “A strong and stable family structure and durable social institutions cannot be legislated into existence the way a government can create a central bank or an army. A thriving civil society depends on a people’s habits, customs, and ethics — attributes that can be shaped only directly through conscious political action and must otherwise be nourished through an increased awareness and respect for culture.” The Silent Majority of the CNMI need to HEED these words of true wisdom because IF the People truly want real Prosperity and not the mirage that our Governor sold you and only IF the People are willing to take BACK their Government from the GOP will the CNMI have a real LEGITIMATE chance to PROSPER! The silence is truly GOLDEN as it means many of the silent majority are taking notes and contemplating what they might do IF and only IF they are given a REAL chance to FIX our DEAD Democracy by Independents & Democrats who are our ONLY HOPE!

Democracy is a very special and even a precious attribute of American society and hopefully the voters of the CNMI will learn this lesson and apply it in the voting booth. Heck, there are people from China who are PROTESTING right here in the CNMI for Hong Kong to remain a Democracy and even FREE from China. These Chinese want us folks in the cheap seats and all of America to know that they value Democracy to the Ut-MOST as we might say in my culture. The Democrats have already started protesting to save our Democracy and it’s time for the People who really want change to join in the protest and forget the politics. The People of Puerto Rico actually got rid of their Governor through protest and everyone was not carrying a sign and chanting so you don’t have to say anything or even hold a sign-up at these protest but what is needed is Silent BODIES that say WE the People have seen ENOUGH as your silence is truly GOLDEN! The CNMI’s future for real prosperity starts with YOU and after over two decades of this same-O-same-O BS I hope and pray the silent majority will truly want Prosperity when they enter the voting booth! To be continued: One people one direction for a LIVE and KICKING Democracy instituted by the Silent Majority!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.