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OPINION | Epitaph of CNMI democracy (43): Broken promises and more!

WHILE I truly applaud and commend and appreciate Rep. Edwin Propst for exposing the 21K in BGRT by IPI that should have been more like 21Million in BGRT which is what our Governor PROMISED — ANOTHER of our Governor’s failed promises!

By my calculations if IPI only paid 21 Thousand in BGRT that means they only collected around 2 Million — now I pray I’m wrong with my calculation and form what Rep. Propst said something is smelling very BAD about this which needs to be investigated — maybe it’s in those secret financial records. But asking for a sit-down to discuss the matter IS NOT going to lead to a solution for the shortfall nor will it freely expose the problem and Rep. Propst does not have enough Political Real Estate (votes) in the House to hold our Governor ACCOUNTABLE. Propst NEEDS HELP and so do ALL the Independents if they want to uphold our Constitution which is the 1st order of business for our Legislature in a Democracy is to place a REAL check & balance on the Executive Office. But our Governor OWNS the Legislature that is predominately GOP. No disrespect intended but it’s just more talk for Propst and more no action as the Governor’s GOP Crew in the Legislature IS NOT going to hold him accountable. I think We the People learned that with Gov. Fitial’s failed impeachment and now they are doing it AGAIN. The History Channel was soooo right with their advertisement that says: “if we don’t learn the lessons taught by history we are DOOMED to keep making the SAME mistake(s)” and here we go AGAIN!

It doesn’t matter now to our Governor that election season is gone and the PROMISES of PROSPERITY with the Casino are falling by the way-side and to make it worse our Governor is just letting IPI slide or get a pass on most of their obligations in their Contract with the PEOPLE and he even wants to play ignorant as to WHY he is being treated like it election season! Well Governor, just FYI in my culture we call these times as being “it’s-time-to-come-to-Jesus” — meaning stop with the foolishness of trying to finesse your way out of your mistakes and just APOLOGIZE and do better! But the more you squirm and try to deflect the truth the WORSE-OFF you will be because I have made sure that We the People are now WIDE-AWAKE and I’m sure they will KEEP WATCHING!

Heck, We the People keep hearing about the loan from the NMDs but what about the 20 Million IPI already OWES the CNMI’s Community Chess Fund? Oh, the big problem with that is that money can’t be manipulated for a political solution for the Governor and MUST DIRECTLY help the PEOPLE who are now paying the cost for Austerity so it’s no rush to collect for the Governor! We the People ARE NOT stupid Governor and I pray the Silent Majority won’t forget in the mid-term to start FIXING our Legislature and in the general election to get rid of YOU! I continue to write about and ask about the taxes on the 100s of millions due from the “lines-of-credit” that IPI gave out as IPI is responsible for those taxes to be collected not the CNMI but our Governor and Legislature act like they don’t even exist nor do they read the paper, which is why we need PROTEST after PROTEST just to get them to LISTEN and then We the People still have to PRAY they will do the right thing because there is NO Party to hold the GOP controlled government ACCOUNTABLE — it’s just that simple.

The Governor PROMISED a Local Transition in Jobs to the Feds and Prosperity to us folks-in-the-cheap-seats so why didn’t he do all that he could to keep from terminating people by making IPI pay-up FIRST instead of putting the entire burden on the People and even our CHILDREN in the Public-School System! In fact, EVERY Lawmaker along with the Governor PROMISED to be devoted to Education during election season but as usual they forget and even think We the People forget that promise. Rep. Tina Sablan was RIGHT about our Children being LAST on the list of priorities that have the Governor’s Cabinet Members FIRST when it comes to money — for True!

But the “Broken Promise of Prosperity” is what this Governor will be remembered for MOST from what I can tell. I’m sure ALL the Retirees can remember the Governor PROMISING to take care of Retirees and how he BRAGGED about the annual “Increase Bonus” that is also now past-due! WE (all Retirees) owe Ms. Patricia Guerrero a debt of gratitude for speaking up for us to the House. Her plea was heard by many retirees who will share it with other Retirees. It is obvious the Legislature and the Governor is trying to put the retirees on-hold AGAIN until its election season and then they will try to do something — this is how the GOP has operated for the past two decades. Governor, YOU promised to take care of retirees and now we see that promise being BROKEN and you don’t have an excuse given you OWN the Legislature. In fact, House Minority Leader Edwin Propst during Friday’s session noted that the governor was trying to dictate how the Legislature should appropriate public funds. But what got me was when he said “I didn’t know the Governor’s in charge of the Legislature — that’s a new one for me.” Well if Rep. Propst and all the Independents had been reading my Epitaphs and doing their homework like they should by staying IN-TOUCH with the People they would KNOW the Governor OWNS the Legislature because I TOLD YOU SO in previous Epitaphs. This is why I’m on Independents’ case because blasting the Governor and playing ignorant IS NOT what your constituents elected you to do which is to CONTROLL the CNMI’s Finances and place a REAL check & balance on the Governor and not be his emissaries. The entire Retirement Fiasco is ALL about BROKEN PROMISES by the GOP who has been the ONLY ONES in charge of the CNMI so they can’t point a finger at anyone else but THEMSELVES! I just hope they won’t all follow the leader (our Governor) like they did with Governor Fitial because there is going to be a day of reckoning with many more than a “Magnificent Seven” in the coming elections if Independents and Democrats can join forces!

WE the People are now being WARNED that the CNMI’s revenues are not enough to meet the growing obligations which does NOT sound like PROSPERITY to me and the rest of us in the cheap seats which is really a BROKEN PROMISE to the People. If the “buck truly stops at the Governor’s desk” then WHY isn’t he explaining to us why his PROMISES are being broken. He is smart enough to let OTHERS share the BAD NEWS of Austerity while he takes advantage of every “Photo-Op” he can — does not want to be shown in a bad light. But he can’t stop me and other opinion writers who are like forensic political scientists from shinning our X-rays, Ultraviolet, infrared and other light sources on what he is really doing TOO the People. The Governor hasn’t gotten the message yet that WE the People are FED-UP with his games and BROKEN PROMISES which is why he is now feeling the REAL pressure of election season that is GENUINE ACCOUNTABILITY to the PEOPLE for his BROKEN PROMISE of PROSPERITY. The Governor didn’t learn the lesson taught by former Gov. Juan N. Babauta who said “our economy was darn good” when everyone KNEW it wasn’t — he lied to the People and has been rejected EVERSINCE! Now Governor Torres LIED to the People about PROSPERITY as he should have learned from the lesson History taught but he made the SAME mistake again by lying to the People in his Commonwealth Address and now the TRUTH is being revealed — guess what’s going to happen for TRUE!

Voters, especially NMDs who are upset at the manipulation of their funds and others are upset that the Governor didn’t do MORE to “preserve, protect and respect” the ancient burial site and didn’t even make sure the remains were EXPEDITIOUSLY and PROPERLY re-buried with honor and dignity. Governor you are braking promises to the Retirees, the NMDs and most of us folks in the cheap seats and the only question now is WHO will be stepping up to take your place — HELLER! I know the Governor and the GOP are used to “Popularity Contest for Election Season” but in the REAL America election season starts the moment one ends as it is ON & ON — 24/7 as we might say in my culture. The mainland election season starts an entire YEAR or more before the election so WELCOME to AMERICA Governor and don’t expect me and others to stop writing and putting a check on your office Governor given YOUR Legislature won’t do their job and represent the People instead of YOU! To be continued: One people one direction for a NEW Government & Governor!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.