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OPINION | Epitaph of CNMI democracy (44): No shame in your game leaders and voters — governor!

WHILE this may be better suited in the North Star in which I also write messages from time to time, I think it is of such importance that as many as possible will read it thus you are reading it here.

It was Christ who taught us about the human trait of “shame” as it can be a very powerful trait that even dictates our human behavior. Christ said: “if you be ashamed of me then I will be ashamed of you before my father.” Shame is very prevalent in the CNMI as one of the most common phrases or expressions is “I’m ashamed” to — whatever. But somehow the youth at Kagman High during my days there came up with the concept and belief that “we should not be ashamed” as they coined the phrase “NOT-ASHAME” when it came to doing things and expressing themselves. In simple terms — they GREW UP as we often find ourselves telling our youth in their formative years to “not be ashamed.”

We have a saying in my culture that came out of a strong desire to compete and be winners in the athletic arenas of Football and Basketball which says: “there is NO SHAME in my GAME” — meaning we are not afraid of being made to look bad but we WILL OVERCOME and be BETTER! But when many of us, especially in the CNMI, become adults it is somehow OK to be ashamed for an excuse — so what is the message here when you tell your children to “not be ashamed” but it’s OK for you to be ashamed??? The message is that once many of us become adults we FORGET those important lessons we learned as children of not being ashamed about something — a true dichotomy.

When our children say they are ashamed it is really not shame but FEAR most of the time, which is a big difference! But shame somehow becomes imbedded in their thought process and thus shame becomes part of them and even an excuse throughout their life when challenged with fear. My wife and I taught our girls to “not to be afraid” because shame becomes a “locked-door” that sometimes never opens. When you are ashamed of something it is about something WRONG because you messed up and don’t want to admit it or face-the-music. But not wanting to do things like speaking in front of people is fear, not shame, and it is a fear we all need to overcome as humans. Not being able to admit your mistakes is immaturity and it can even evolve into arrogance, which is what I see is happening and one of the reasons I wrote this!

I’m sharing this lesson on SHAME because I know there are leaders and voters who are stifled with the reality of shame when it comes to my Epitaphs. I have been pushing leaders and voters to change and many are ashamed for one reason or another but you can’t let the shame of what I’m writing prevent you from doing the right thing — so don’t let arrogance cloud your vision. I have even noticed that my critics have developed some shame as they have stopped commenting to my Epitaphs because they can’t complain and too arrogant to complement. I guess they learned that their UGLY comments will surely come back to haunt them with me so they refused to grow-up and change to become constructive critics so they just stopped.

When it comes to voting people shouldn’t be ashamed of who they voted for IF they will keep their vote SILENT and to themselves which is why the voting booth is totally PRIVATE. Voters set themselves up for shame when they broadcast their vote to the world which is why I am so against Politicians using Social Media for Political Media like #45 and a few others in the CNMI do. I still don’t understand why they don’t set up a Political Media Page that can be referenced from Social Media if people want but putting it on Facebook that is really meant for personal intentions creates a dichotomy. Politicians need a Politicabook — maybe this is something the CNMI can be FIRST at doing. But it’s really just a phenomenon that will just have to play itself out over time and being one of those people gifted with the ability to see over the horizon I have an idea how it will eventually come to a head and even end being a dichotomy of social v political! The Governor is complaining about his profile being hacked on social media and #45 (Trump) is making sure future Presidents won’t make his mistake of using social media.

But the bigger problem is We the People need for the Democrats and Independents to drop their shame and ADMITT their game-plans in the past DID NOT work and that a NEW Approach is needed. People in the community are saying all kinds of negative things about the Democrats and Independents because they want them to RISE-UP and really do something. In fact, the only thing keeping Reps. Tina Sablan & Ed Propst above water is their activism in the Public News, not Facebook which every voter does not have. But I still commend them for being fighters FOR the People even though they keep losing as Independents. However, it’s obvious to many voters they need to do BETTER and I would like to remind them of what a famous GENUIS once said: “you can’t fix a problem with the same mentality (strategy) that caused or allowed the problem to exist” — Albert Einstein. Whether it is shame or arrogance the Democrats and Independents MUST change their strategy if they truly want to do BETTER and MORE for the People — it is really that simple. So please swallow your pride and revert back to the “humble person you were when asking people for their vote of confidence” as genuine humility is truly a GOLDEN Attribute and you shouldn’t be ashamed if you are truly humble! Too many politicians come humbly asking for our vote of confidence but the moment they get elected they become arrogant as you-know-what and you can’t tell them ANYTHING and that’s for TRUE as I am a living Public image of how they FAILED to LISTEN only to validate all of my I TOLD YOU SOs!


One of the least seen things in the Political Arena is seeing a Politician admitting she/he made a mistake and it’s not about shame but the arrogance that affects too many Politicians. I have seen new members enter the political arena here and abroad and time and time again they make mistakes but they NEVER admit their mistake(s). One would think our Governor would OWN-UP to his mistakes especially his Commonwealth Address that he chose to try and SPIN on the Typhoon rather than saying he made a mistake. He even got FEMA and his Emissaries to do the dirty work figuratively. Our Governor AIN’T going to admit he was ever wrong People and you know why as he thinks he is smart enough to OUT-SMART all or at least the majority of us voters in the cheap seats. I would really like to know what he is thinking when he is at Mass saying “MY Faults” because We the People are seeing an awful lot of his FAULTS!

It would have been FAR wiser more truthful and even more acceptable for the Governor to have dropped his shame or should I say arrogance and admit that he made a mistake which caused austerity. But what I find interesting is that people who have been convicted of a crime are often “ordered to write a letter of apology to the people” but it is rarely EVER that we hear apology(S) from our politicians for ANYTHING unless they are caught red-handed! Just think readers, when was the last time you heard a politician say they made a mistake and apologized??? Heck the Governor signed the Casino Contract and just look at ALL the things he made a MISTAKE on like making sure IPI PAYS TAXES and to this day there hasn’t been a single apology. The Governor is not ashamed but the arrogance of power and the desire to keep that power over doing the RIGHT THING is seemingly what rules his conscious. Our governor is literally banking on voters to FORGET when he should be asking voters for FORGIVENESS. We the People are not idiots governor and I’m going to do all I can to make sure voters don’t forget as there is no shame in my game!

Finally, Governor your letter to the people about your profile being hacked was understandable BUT what I would like to know and I’m sure I’m not alone is WHY didn’t you write such a letter when you forced AUSTERITY on the People without ANY warning!!! Your letter is PROOF that you care MORE about your Personal Profile than you do the PEOPLE as far as I’m concerned. I had actually wrote the first part of this opinion last week BEFORE your letter and to my surprise just as I mentioned earlier in this opinion, you should have written such a letter apologizing about Austerity instead of lining up people and even FEMA to help prevent you from taking a political hit — it would have been better to apologize than to think We the People are STUPID with your Yutu BS, for the lack of a better term. I said you and the GOP would NEVER stop giving me BULLETS, as the Local Boys may say, so just keep them coming Governor — THANKS as the pen is truly mightier than the sword (your power Governor). I know one thing for TRUE, you will think long and hard before double-crossing a Brother again who knows how to fight back against EVIL especially when I was literally trying to HELP you and OUR Commonwealth! One people one direction for No Shame in Your Game — Vote Democrat they are COMING SOON!!!!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.