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OPINION | Shattered dreams?

EVERYONE has a dream to pursue their destiny so their families can live better lives in prosperity, liberty and justice for all.

A government that works is a government that functions properly for the sake of the people who voted for elected officials who are supposed to improve the people’s lives. But when government officials are corrupt then the people suffer and that is what is happening to every nation today. Too much corruption.

I’ve seen some of the best police officers and military personnel retire and go back to their community to become daily volunteers. They contribute their time to help the people.

I do my part too. I volunteer in the most stressful environments like the shelters where you see daily fights and aggressions. I also go to food banks to help out. Some of the other volunteers are college students or church people.

They all come from different walks of life, but they have one mission: to make this a world a better place.

Growing up on Saipan, I would see my Dad share his catch of the week with all his sisters. He considered it his obligation. It was a lesson I learned.

Seeing my brothers took me under their wings to direct me in the right direction was another lesson learned.

Today, money and ignorance have interfered with our goodness. Self-interest and greed trump our moral compass today.

When I came back to Saipan in 2002, I learned that the local government was neglecting the water and power services and other basic needs for our people. I was mad.

The rampant corruption on Saipan was the other reason I returned to Portland.

My wife’s dream was to become free from China’s aggressive tax collectors. My wife has seen more deaths in her lifetime in Chinese factories than on Saipan.

That fear of death is the very cause of my wife’s mental illness. Our dreams were shattered by our own governments — China and the United States.

When a government is intrusive it can ruin people’s dreams or people’s lives. When lawyers and judges took my grandma’s land compensation from the Rita Kaipat estate I promised my mother I would do my best to fight for her land money.

When the Oregon state government took my wife, I promised her I would fight to get back my custody and guardianship.

That is why I am still fighting today to put governments on notice.

Today I’m fighting the CNMI government and the Oregon state government. I want the CNMI to release my mother’s land compensation and I want Oregon to release my wife to me.

Think about it guys. You’re fighting for your wife and your mother and at the same time you’re undergoing mental health therapy.

But my dream is still intact because writing is my dream and I will tell it like it is to China and America, as well as to Saipan and Oregon.

I know there is a lot of corruption in any government today, but who elects government officials?

For every election that comes around, people’s lives are at stake, and people’s dreams are threatened and we all can tell it like it is: how government officials mistreat their own people and how some people steal from their own families.

Imagine: 80 percent of college graduates today are furious with their government for not having jobs or opportunities to further their dreams because their government doesn’t have jobs for them, and because government officials prioritize the top 90 percent CEO’s.

What about our fresh graduates out of college — where do they go from here? I want to come home but I can’t because the hospital lacks the special medical services I must have today.

All the shootings and killings around the world, all the refugees around the world — all are caused by corrupt governments.

Everyone is protesting everywhere. I don’t want to believe that our worst enemies today are politicians or mega-corporations who deny people their dreams.

All immoral man-made laws are wrecking havoc on people’s lives. These laws only benefit government officials, corporations and organizations that pretend to help people and families.

So who do we blame? Peter, Paul or the politicians? That’s for coconut news to report and that’s for the world to decide. This ongoing unfairness is recorded daily by the Eye in the sky, and nobody is above the Divine law.

So who has the real solutions to the world’s problems? Look around Saipan which was hit by strong typhoons in 2015 and 2018. These are real warnings from our ancestors, from Mother Nature and from Father Sky Himself. It’s scary.

As a dreamer, I live everyday to dream, reflect and ponder. God is nudging me forward to press on my journey and destiny in life which is to spread His love. We only live once. We should touch other people’s lives and make a real difference in our community. We must change our evil ways and change the world for the better for all humanity. We are the world. We are accountable and responsible.

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.