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OPINION | Epitaph of CNMI democracy (45): The marathon of political elections

FOR the CNMI our election season has basically been “a sprint” which is why I have often referred to our election season as being “a popularity contest.”

We don’t have real extended debates among ALL of the candidates and sometimes there is NO debate at all even for the Governor’s seat. There are no real “back-and-forth exchanges” between the candidates in the news media on issues and virtually NO real comparisons of the candidates, their platforms and their abilities. There is NO real explanations of their Platforms and HOW they are going to carry them out. There are NO Public Forums for candidates to confront each other on an equal plain! I could go on with more NOs about our election season but I think readers get the message that all of these things We the People DON’T see is what makes our election season more of a popularity contest than a real “check” on all the candidates. The worst part is we have entirely too many who don’t want to know these things about their candidate just WHO’s family(s) & party they are on — meaning we have too many FOLLOWERS (especially of the GOP) when we need OWNERS (self-determined voters) of our Government who realize they OWN the Government when going in the voting booth. There has been entirely tooooo much FOLLOWING which is HOW we got LED right into this austerity mess AGAIN by FOLLOWING the GOP.

But real Election Politics in the American Arena of Politics is a Marathon that really has no end. FYI readers if you didn’t know it, each election season on the mainland STARTS around six months after the last election so the election season is really 1.5 years (18 months) making it a real Marathon. The mid-term elections on the mainland are all about CHANGING the U.S. Congress which is when we see shifts from a Democratic to a Republican controlled Congress or vice-versa. Controlling the Legislature is JUST as IMPORTANT as controlling the Executive Office for those who really understand American Politics. The mid-terms even set the tone for the next general election that often depends on the quality, success and failure(S) of the incumbent v the challenger(s) attributes and record and not so much about their Party as the silent majority are not tied to any single party. We got it wrong in the CNMI and I’m trying to make it RIGHT!

On the mainland the candidates are literally and TOTALLY EXPOSED in the public news for what they really are but we don’t see that here. We don’t see CNMI Politicians calling each other out on issues other than the pot-shots at the Governor by the Independents, who’s bullets are really harmless rock-salt that’s used for skeet shooting figuratively. We the People don’t hear candidates who want to run speaking up in the news BEFORE election season like we see on the mainland checking & challenging their future opponent. The longer a NEW or Challenging candidate sits back and waits to join the marathon the father behind they will be behind the incumbent(s) who are already KNOWN to the People which is the main reason our election season should start as so soon as it does on the mainland. The election race is really almost OVER two or three months BEFORE the election-day takes place on the mainland but our entire season is only a few months — see the problem voters.

It actually takes MONTHS for the majority of People to “VET” all the candidates properly in ALL areas of their qualifications thus the real election season is really much longer than the short election seasons we have been experiencing in the CNMI. Our election season is so short that many of the NEW people NEVER have a real chance unless they are connected to the GOP or extremely aggressive in their campaign efforts. The easy route here in the CNMI has been just to run with the GOP and ride their wave to success with no real regard for qualifications and platforms.

We need a real election season when candidates are announced EARLY to give the People a chance to properly Vet and Compare these individuals. We don’t need Pocket Meetings we need Village Forums or Debates where the candidates can promote themselves, share their platforms and defend themselves among their counterparts. Pocket Meeting are just “one-sided Political Shows” now-a-days and many people just come to eat and drink beer but not so much about getting educated. Our GOP has used the fact that we only have Popularity Contest Elections to their advantage for over two decades as they KNEW that they only needed to show some PROGRESS once our short election season begin which is why the Governor held back on pulling the trigger on austerity until after the election — for TRUE!

I’m sure the average readers over time KNOWS that something is wrong when people, especially my critics, are not responding publicly to my writings. Well, it’s not political season for the Governor and his GOP yet and they are hoping I will run out of bullets, but I won’t. The main reason there is NO Political responses to all my Epitaphs is because our Governor is smart even though he lacks in wisdom and he KNOWS that voters often forget about what happened or they won’t see things in the past as being that relevant in the NOW so things that took place over three years prior to the election won’t matter — this is what our Governor is gambling on voters, so DON’T FORGET and even take mental notes from my Epitaphs!

It is the fact that election season is really a marathon that I am pushing the Independents and Democrats to make a MOVE NOW to get a head-start in this marathon. All of these MESS-Ups by the Governor and his Legislature are clear and present opportunities to get ahead in the election race. The Democrats have at-least started with the Protest that needs to grow but the Independents are still virtually sitting alone on the fence courting the GOP and Democrats. In order for any real movement to get traction it needs a real “igniter” like Rosa Parks was to the Civil Rights Movement and a real Leader. The Independents are really sitting in a position to be in the LEADERS of the Democratic Party if and only IF they have the audacity and love FOR the People over their personal intentions to change and be the igniter for real political change in the CNMI! Great leaders are bold and brave, and you can’t be that sitting on the fence.

I am not so much against the GOP as I am the Governor whom I know from my personal experiences is NOT a Right & Just man — no disrespect intended. I just KNOW we need TWO Parties as the Democrats are human too and will ALSO need to be checked by the GOP. But WE can’t continue with an “UNCHECKED” Government — it’s ludicrous and WE the People need to figure out a solution as this is BASIC High School Government class study just ask any certified teacher. I just want a healthy Democracy with two healthy parties which is why I am on the case of the Independents to put-up or shut-up NOW as the election marathon has already STARTED! The Independents are the MAIN reason we have a dead Democracy and the MAIN Countermeasures to us folks in the cheap seats having a living and healthy Democracy! They are straddling the fence as an Independent taking votes that could be Democrat votes just to get elected and it’s time for them to get OFF on one side or the other. Independents are actually hurting People’s chances of having a real Democracy more than helping as Independents are the Democrats biggest challenge to being revived and the Independent numbers in the Legislature will bear me out on this FACT.

Independents can either be “friend or foe” of the Democrat Party but not both. NOW is the time to start broadcasting your message of “UNITY and a Platform FOR the PEOPLE that will give you the POWER to make real CHANGE FOR the PEOPLE as WE the PEOPLE WANT and NEED a DEMOCRACY, not HYPOCRISY and Politicians straddling the fence in our American Arena of Politics. The CNMI is entirely too small for Independents that only survive on the mainland due to a “special-agenda” (Ed Propst on Social Media where talk is cheap as people will eventually get tired of cheap talk and no action) but they are gone when it’s done or they failed to do!!! We the People suffer REAL consequences after each election and it’s time for those consequences to offer BETTER HOPE on a BETTER COURSE in a NEW Direction with NEW Leadership! To be continued: One people one direction for election season starting NOW!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.