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OPINION | Epitaph of CNMI democracy (47): No magic pill — but a miraculous leader is!

I just want to make it perfectly CLEAR that I’m not promoting the Democratic Party as some kind of a magic pill that will somehow end all of our troubles as even the members of the Democratic Party are human and have fallen short of perfection like the rest of “us folks in the cheap seats” — a phrase that I learned from my son on the mainland that really applies to many if not most of us voters on the mainland and in the CNMI.

Regardless of who ends up being elected as a Democrat there are NO PROMISES that they will do a great job but I would rather take a chance on someone NEW than the same old GOP failures. I also don’t want readers to think that I am bias or even blind to this fact that Democrats are not perfect either. But it is critical that voters understand that it is extremely vital to the resurrection of our Democracy that each time we vote we take a real chance and the REAL KEY and success of your vote really depends upon HOW well We as a People can collectively vote to BALANCE or CHANGE our Legislature and Governor as needed like we see on the mainland at the state and national levels. But for one to say our Governor and his GOP crew in the Legislature are perfect and we don’t need Democrats after almost 22 years of GOP complete control is either a die-hard GOP or just foolish and it shows a lack of education on HOW a real Democracy is supposed to work which is taught in EVERY High School in America including the CNMI.

We need the Democrats because their “liberal thinking and objectivity” is totally different from the GOP’s conservative objectivity as we all know of the wisdom that says: “two heads are better than one” which can only be accomplished when there are two parties to place real checks & balances between our Governor and the Legislature. I can remember lecturing to students at NMC and in my Government Classes at the High School on leadership and the need for the CNMI to produce that GREAT Leader that comes along and makes real history ever so often in the history of societies. America has produced quite a few GREAT Leaders in the 200 plus years of her founding while the CNMI is still less than 50 years old so we are young and have made mistakes with our Democracy. But the times and conditions are truly RIPE for that Miraculous Great Leader to come along which is WHY I continue to plead for NEW People to enter our Political Arena on the Democrat side of the political aisle. I know there are people out there who would make a GREAT Governor or member of our Legislature who really just need the encouragement and support which is what we do with our children all the time when pushing them to be a SOMEBODY so they don’t end up being a NOBODY! There is someone out there who can really make a big difference in public office ONLY if they will give them-self and our Commonwealth a chance.

The Democrat Party is literally a party for the taking as there are no Democrats in office. Independents need to be reminded and potential candidates under the Democrat Banner will become the LEADER(s) of the Party, so Independents really don’t have to worry about Party planning, support and strategies as the leader(s). Given the highest seat available in the mid-term any Democrat Senator elected will automatically become the Leader of the Democrat Party like we see with our Governor being the leader of the Republican Party as the modern leaders of Parties at the state and national levels is based on the highest elected official in the Party.

I hear people saying the Democrats need to get their act together when THEY are the very problem because they won’t HELP the Democrats to get their act together as their talk is cheap. We need People to join in and HELP the Democrats as we have a Government OF (meaning every-one of us People), FOR (leaders who will put their butt on the line FOR the People over their personal intentions) and BY (the people WILL always elect the person(s) they think has an acceptable PLAN who WILL & CAN lead and fight FOR the People). Voters, Independents and potential leaders really need to do some “soul-searching” because We the People really need YOU to resurrect our Dead Democracy and give us a real chance to find REAL PROSPERITY, for TRUE!!!

Greatness ONLY comes when the opportunity presents itself as one can’t just go out and say I’m going to be great if there is no opportunity! The opportunity for greatness is soooo GREAT as a CNMI Leader and especially in the Governor’s seat that it is really a “cake-walk” for the RIGHT Person with the RIGHT Stuff to be elected under the Democrat Banner. ALL the things that our Governor and his GOP Legislature have DONE WRONG and FAILED to DO RIGHT are GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES for GREATNESS in Leadership by the one(s) who correct these errors and put us on the RIGHT track and headed in the RIGHT Direction! Greatness for the CNMI is just waiting around the corner and the only question is WHO will DARE to take the leap of faith for THEMSELF to become a leader or even a GREAT Leader. Don’t forget, utopia starts with YOU and God knows we need YOU!

The Bell for GREATNESS is still “tolling for THEE” to be a GREAT Leader who can truly “MAKE THE CNMI GREAT AGAIN” for the lack of a better phrase. Our Government has been in the RED ever since the last Democrat Governor left office which was the last time the CNMI actually had a surplus of funding back in 1995, some 24 years ago and we have been on a scary economic rollercoaster ride ever since — HELLER voters! The CNMI is truly in desperate need of GREATNESS given our economic condition and the dismal outlook that has no real end in sight. Our Governor can’t even tell us when he expects to end the austerity measures which tells me and the rest of us in the cheap seats that he doesn’t have a clue as to what is beyond the horizon (the future) holds for the CNMI. Our Governor had his chance to be great and has blown it by changing our entire economic base from the Japanese to the Chinese and it’s not working out like promised by the GOP — it’s just that simple.

WHO really cares enough to make the sacrifice to be the new leader(s) of the CNMI? WHO really cares enough to want to fix our economy by making it MORE stable and MORE diverse? WHO really cares enough to want to see our Hospital, School System and other Public Services being funded properly and in a timely fashion? WHO really cares enough to want to make sure retirees don’t have to worry anymore about their pension and cost of living increases? WHO really cares enough to want our airline services fully restored to a “robust schedule of flights between the islands and Japan for overseas destinations”? WHO really cares enough to want to make the CNMI a GREAT Tourist Destination Again? I could go on and on but the point is made there is an awful lot of great things that need to be done if the CNMI is to truly be GREAT again.

I will continue to implore for new leadership to come forward in the CNMI as We the People in the cheap seats truly need YOU! It is time for a NEW status quo on the hill with a NEW form of leadership that will revive our dead Democracy! There is no magic pill to fix everything but the next best thing is a NEW and Miraculous leader(s) which could be YOU as the bell truly tolls for thee — for TRUE! To be continued: One people one direction for a NEW and Miraculous Leader(s) to come forth and LEAD!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.