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OPINION | Broken government system

IT comes with a broken college and a broken budget planning in healthcare, and profit first over education funding.

If we look at where the profits are generated it is in science, research, technology and development innovations.

While we have new state-of-the-art machines that can help heal brain fluctuations and disorders, they’re extremely expensive for those who prefer pharmaceutical profits.

Doctors have no say in stopping CEO’s push for pills instead of natural healing methods or the use of the latest technology.

Machines vs deadly opioids. I am alarmed that CEO’s are pushing for drugs over scientific achievements in healing technology.

In this era there are more breakthroughs in science and technology, but it comes with a high price for patients.

It’s a disservice to humanity and moral justice. We should use science and technology to heal and save lives instead of pursuing profits.

It’s God’s law that we heal the sick, but it’s the CEO’s law to prolong the life of an abused patient to generate profits. It’s evil.

It’s like corruption cover-ups in the name of profits over proper care of patients. When you look at the education system, it’s the same thing.

Today tuition is 10 times more expensive for many students. The cost is skyrocketing and is burying kids in outrageous debts.

If we look at what is going on in the U.S. or the CNMI, there’s coverup and arm-twisting on the part of both administrations, but in the U.S., impeachment is heating up as the election season puts the spotlights on cheating to win.

This is how broken the state or federal government is today even as our intelligence units are ensuring our security in an ongoing cyber war.

It’s crazy if you can absorb the cruel reality today as a student writer of the U.S. and the CNMI.

Globally we’re doomed if we’re trying to cheat ourselves and our youth. What’s the point of being at the top of your class if your tuition puts you in debt?

As CEO’s of colleges and universities rake in their profits, maybe sports writers should really expose the profiles of these CEO’s to crack down on profits.

Like God’s law, the laws of economics and financial management are useless when institutions disregard our moral principles for profits. It hurts the people.

In the Asia Pacific region, jobs are lost to the U.S.-China trade. I don’t want to believe China is in recession while U.S. stocks stumble and the global economy slows down.

The Hong Kong protestors and the pro- and anti-Brexit protestors are testing their governments even as the impeachment proceedings in the U.S. accelerate.

I wonder and ponder if I’m trying my best enough because it has not only been a real challenge but it’s getting worse and out of control to be honest.

If you look at our CNMI today you’re looking at a recovery process in which FEMA is trying to figure out how best to rebuild broken schools. The uncertainty is real.

I myself am fighting Oregon’s authorities so I can move my wife to a safe treatment and recovery facility.

When you quit college to take care of your wife’s recovery only to learn that state and county officials have abducted her — it’s unreal but it’s reality for me.

It’s like a bad dream or a nightmare as you hope to survive a broken government system and try to stop its abuses for the sake of saving your wife from opioids, negligence and abuse.

As Oregon health authorities conduct an investigation into my wife’s detrimental condition, the cover-up is real and evil. But I am not backing down.

In closing, internationally speaking on this coconut news network, we as U.S. citizens have a duty to protect families and loved ones globally for diplomacy and world peace not war.

The author is a resident of Portland, Oregon.