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OPINION | Climate change tossed out

THE latest lawsuit on climate was thrown out in court, meaning the younger people or students lost the case which is not a surprise because corporations are so powerful today.

Profits are prioritized instead of our Planet Earth amid wildfires, floods, hurricanes or typhoons wreaking havoc all over the globe.

Then there are the mega contractors who abuse the children pried from the arms of their parents.

When we have politicians who demonize their challengers on the right or left it’s a disgrace and a disservice to American families and voters.

We cannot just normalize violence or hate. And we cannot disregard our water or ocean and their importance to humanity.

Despite consumer protection rights, mega corporations continue to ruin families financially.

While there are good business organizations that partner with government to provide a social safety net for community members, some are not helpful or honest.

The hands of moral and honest doctors are tied when CEO’s push for opioid profits and politicians look the other way and there is no monitoring or oversight.

So it really depends on who is moral or immoral among these politicians we voted in office today.

It’s incomprehensible that some disregard the full recovery process of a patient for the sake of profits.

These criminal activities are ongoing and will always be a problem when politicians work with mega corporation donors.

Some organizations operate like government because government officials let it happens.

I went to visit my wife only to be told that my she didn’t want to see me. But why should I believe them when they abducted my wife three years ago?

I have to call 911, Portland police to really put a spotlight on my wife’s opioid abuse.

Profits can kill humans too.

If my volunteer staff and boss in our SW neighborhood are very supportive or my other organizations in NE support me and my wife why then do some organizations are not willing to work with me?

I know why because they are scared to lose their profits if I take action to take back my wife’s guardianship.

This is a constitutional case and involves state and county organizations that must comply with the law and enforce safety and healthcare procedures and protocols.

I bought my wife pink flowers for our thirteenth wedding anniversary but some healthcare staff secretly inserted Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act paperwork into my wife’s chest x-ray papers then lied about it because of profits.

Wow! Hate, jealousy, and racism are what I am fighting against in Oregon. But I will continue to expose criminal wrongdoing everyday.

They want me to be nice, or say nice words, in fact they put my visits on camera surveillance to listen to me and my wife so they can use our conversations against me!

They “stole” the wrong person who is married to a U.S.-CNMI international news reporter from Pacific-Asia who is also an activist and human rights watcher.

I’m still waiting for Oregon’s health authorities to get back to me regarding my wife’s condition.

I’m also waiting for the family court to send me a copy of court papers filed recently. Meanwhile, I will continue to go church to pray for my wife.

Advocates told me, “You must have faith no matter how hard you fight because Jack you’re not alone; we’re here for you.”

I’m talking to U.S. and CNMI authorities as well as Oregon authorities and community volunteer groups in NE and SW that support me and my wife.

If the Multnomah County Family Court doesn’t entertain my family/negligence/abuse case then I plan to leave Oregon in December for good and head to New York.

I want to go to New York and study journalism so I can get my degree and be certified for life for the good of humankind.

But if I get to go to court, guess who is coming with me? U.S. immigration family advocates, my church folks and my volunteer groups, and let’s not forget my crime-victim advocates.

In closing, I want to apologize to my families and my family case worker and my boss for saying some bad words that I didn’t mean to say in a moment of crisis three years after my wife was taken away from me. I’m very sorry. I really mean it folks.

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.