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Epitaph of CNMI’s democracy | (56): IPI, GOP politics, the Feds & Wasted Money

IPI questions continue to come up as they seem to be the roots of much of our disparity economically and even in our Governing.

Now the Governor and his administration is joined-at-the-hip with IPI facing a Federal investigation which tells me somebody messed up and based on most of the comments to the story the commenters believe want and are hoping the Governor will be caught with his pants down figuratively. I also just read an article on IPI trying to get rid of contract workers when they should be hiring them to finish the Hotel. So WHY in the world is IPI trying to force 157 CWs to resign when We the People are waiting on them to finish the construction of their Hotel and the re-opening of the Marianas Resort that is also under IPI’s control? Did Best Sunshine/IPI use the CNMI for the arterial motive of money laundering and other crimes is the question given there seems to be no hurry to finish the hotel?

GOP Politics

The Governor is recycling every-one and everything he can now starting with the great Mall in Garapan of the GOP that was never a real Mall. He has already recycled all the losing GOP candidates and all the old GOP elected officials trying to set himself up for another run at the Executive Office as you only need to look at the make-up of the many Boards and Commissions that are GOP appointees by the Governor. But the recent article about the administration wanting to expand the local workforce has to be a joke and a sad one at that given there hasn’t been a real Systematic Pan by the Government since the Feds first took over immigrations. Wanting to expand the local workforce and doing something to make it happen are two different things and I’m sure most readers will agree the Governor is only Wanting but not DOING the work to make it happen. Where are the special scholarships for some of the specialized jobs that CWs now occupy? Where is the repatriation plan for the scholarship recipients who are asked to come back? GOP Politics stink, suck and to a large extend a bunch of BS because there are NO PLANS just talk — for TRUE!

I am personally glad to see young people with degrees like Press Secretary Kevin Bautista who came back to contribute to the CNMI. I applaud him and I am truly hoping he will have a very successful career in politics given he majored in Political Science — keep making us proud Kevin! But I must beg to ask his boss, our Governor, when and what is he going to do about really creating a plan that will be system-wide to employ as many locals as possible? We continue to see the challenge of our workforce transition being met with what us educators call “a scatter-brain-approach” — meaning one group is doing something over here and another group is doing something else over there and another group is doing something but there isn’t a UNIFIED goal and effort! These little job fairs that are being hosted are not going to get the job done. There are a lot of students who leave the CNMI to go to college but the CNMI is not doing a darn thing to bring them back — for TRUE! Why should our youth leave a good job and career on the mainland to come back here and line up with CWs for the SAME job as this is the true reality they face. So when the administrations says anything these days voters need to ask “WHERE IS THE BEEF” meaning show voters a plan and some real action as talk is cheap and wanting something without doing anything to get it done is just cheap-talk.

Another GREAT example of our Governor and his GOP’s politics is the way the treat people who put them to the TEST of doing the right thing. It is common practice of the Governor and many in the Legislature to just IGNORE People who are pressing for answers or resolution to something, especially when they are opposed to what that person is doing. There is no real sense of “INTEGRITY & ETHICS” when it comes to dealing with citizens who put them to the test of working for THEM!!! It is very clear that Mr. Jose Sablan is one of those citizens who has experienced the NON-COOPERATION of our Governor and his administration which is why he had to reach out to Tina Sablan but she is powerless. His Waiver Act application was submitted in Dec. 13th of 2013 and he still can’t get it resolved and its now 2019, HELLER! If he was IPI it would have been done the SAME DAY and I’m sure most readers would agree with this as being factual. It really sounds like the Government has OTHER PLANS for the Land and don’t know how to get rid of Mr. Sablan who may even have been branded as a “NEVER TORRES” like the “Never Trumpers” who catch hell from the President!!! Voters need to put our Governor their Representatives & Senators to a TEST on your concerns if for nothing more than to SEE for YOURSELF how they will avoid, hide and even ignore YOU! I know what will happen because it has happened to me on entirely too many occasions, TAYA!

The Feds & Following that Money

I also hope Kevin is learning what NOT to DO in the Governor’s office given the raid by the Feds. I am sure most of the voters in the CNMI are waiting anxiously to hear what the Feds are going to do and too whom!!! The implications of wire fraud, money laundering and other allegations is enough to worry us voters in the cheap seats while the Governor’s claim of being exonerated is a bit premature, but he can hope and pray like the rest of us with common sense would be doing. For many of us voters in the cheap seats we already KNEW something was drastically wrong when IPI owes the CNMI tens of millions that our Governor seems like he is not interested in collecting. The Feds know how to FOLLOW the MONEY as IPI issued over a BILLION dollars in “credit-lines” which reeks of “money laundering”!!! WHO in their right mind would extend a Billion dollars in credit with absolutely NO MEANS to collect??? Our Governor and GOP Legislature didn’t seem to even care about the taxes on the Billion dollars that is owed to us folks in the cheap seats and I guess IPI was taking us for stupid but they didn’t count on the Feds protecting and serving the CNMI from a corrupt leader and an investor who took us to Court to keep secrets yet IPI is now saying they have nothing to hid. Which story of IPI are we supposed to believe (fighting to keep secrets or nothing to hid), duh!

There is also the fact that we are now hearing that Ron Li Anderson, who is one of the reported owners of Legend Realty, left the CNMI two days before the Federal Bureau of Investigation executed search warrants on Saipan, a source disclosed over the weekend. The source said that Anderson, who is a U.S. citizen, is believed to have left for China. Fleeing is often considered a sign of guilt by Law Enforcement so We the People will just have to remain in a holding pattern until the Feds are finished but it should be noted that rarely do the Feds start something they can’t finished which is why the search warrant(s) were signed by a LOCAL judge — somebody is more often than not going to jail but our Governor issued a FAKE unconcern response to the raids that only fooled the FOOLS!!!

Wasted Money

I really think our Saipan Mayor is doing a good job but I have to disagree with him on the address issue. I read an article that the Mayor has gone ahead to pay a firm to come up with a map and address system in spite of my protest and the fact that any address system will have to mimic our Lot Number System. But it seems the mayor would rather spend tens of thousands of dollars for something that We the People could have gotten for FREE by a simple Executive Order to use our Lot Numbers for our address — it was just that simple. Like I keep saying there are NO real checks & balances on our Government as there was never so much as a public hearing on the address issue and there were no Politicians on the opposite side of the isle with power willing to even get involved in the issue. Every voter and Representative in the Lower House where funding is generated should be asking HOW MUCH DID the Address System COST when we had a system that virtually EVERYONE was already using so WHY reinvent the wheel at a cost to the People, duh!!! We will get the addresses system but history will reflect that We the People could have gotten it for FREE but our leaders just didn’t want to listen to Mr. Ambrose M. Bennett — I TOLD YOU SO! To be continued: One People One Direction!!!

The author is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.