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OPINION | Hate crimes and intimidation

THE notion that I should get out of Oregon because I am fighting government corruption over the abduction of my wife is a hate-crime in itself.

While I know that there are a lot of us good people and good organizations in Oregon, it’s not right to abduct someone’s wife for profits.

Oregon is my home sweet home and no one is going to intimidate or scare me.

But I am scared of God, and that’s the only fear I have in my heart because God is powerful.

While Oregon state ranks the highest in the deaths of mental health patients, I know that Oregon authorities are also cracking down on these cases.

I also know that the FBI is looking into the Portland police department to make sure that mentally ill patients are protected at all cost.

We have highly trained Portland police officers who can de-escalate and defuse violent confrontations with the most critically ill mental health patients roaming the streets in Portland.

I mean I know how hard mental illness is for the mental health staff, but you just don’t abduct my wife or try to tell me I cannot tell any doctor how to do their job because my job as a husband is to monitor opioid abuse against my wife. I want to make sure my wife is stable and is recovering and not used for your CEO or corporation profits.

I saw how my wife was abused by doctors. It’s crazy and insane if you’re the husband, really.

I am not a U.S.-CNMI-Pacific-Asia international news reporter for nothing. I am trying my best to protect my wife and if you think your profits come first, then I cannot let you do that guys.

The staff turnover is a real problem in the Oregon mental health department but it gets worse if you’re dealing with inexperienced employees who have no patience for critical patients like my wife.

A family court mental emergency response team falsified information and lied to the judge to make their company look good, and a husband was shut down in court by abusers. But I will fight back harder because I want to protect my wife.

It’s frustrating when you’re trying your best to work with mental health organizations but they try to hide behind their title as doctors and CEO’s to manipulate the family court system. But they are going to be exposed for corruption.

In America, mental healthcare is broken. Securing federal grants is the real motive here for crafty clever organizations.

I was a role model patient for the biggest hospital in Portland, Oregon. I performed volunteer work for future dermatologists because it’s the right thing to do for Oregon which is my home.

My mental health clinician also told me to never quit writing, so it’s part of my job today and part of my healing process.

I have been stuck in downtown Portland because of protesters who are passionate for their causes, but that’s just part of our U.S. democracy today.

While authorities don’t condone violence or hate crimes, intimidations don’t help the extreme right or the extreme left so cops and FBI agents have to do their jobs to protect human lives from hate crimes and violence.

My mom and my family case worker are warning me about my line of work but nobody will intimidate me because I am just doing my job to protect my wife.

I mean, think about it. What would you do if you came home and you found out that your wife was abducted? Of course you would fight to do the right thing for your family. It’s just common sense.

In closing, if you’re a husband and you’re trying to save your wife’s life from opioids then you are also raising awareness and making a real difference.

So nobody can intimidate me because my role models are our military men and women who defend our islands and country today.

I no longer vote or associate myself with any establishment party because I have a job to do for Oregon and CNMI families. Something must be done if we want to improve people’s lives and health.

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.