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Epitaph of CNMI’s democracy | (57): How to win (Independents & Democrats)

FOR SURE the pending mid-term elections will tell us all what the future will hold for our politics. Independents and Democrats need to know that IF they truly want the power of the majority in the Legislature the time is NOW!!!

NOW is the time to WIN the mid-term elections as waiting for election season only serves to the advantage of the GOP. I have mentioned this fact before but it seems I need to offer a more indebt perspective as time is NOT their friend nor ours (voters) as the GREAT opportunities for getting ahead in the mid-terms are just being wasted away, for TRUE.

1.The Austerity Issue offered Independents and Democrats the opportunity to launch their campaign to resurrect our dead Democracy with a much BETTER Government but We the People only one request from an Independent for an “oversight hearing” that literally fell on death GOP ears.

2.The MANY MISTAKES our GOP leaders have made in their relationship with IPI starting with the tampering of the dead ancestors, no taxes being paid, the give-away of the Mariana Resort for FREE, the many extensions to IPI with no penalties, the millions presently owed by IPI and the list goes on.

3.Now the FBI has raided our Governor’s Office and all those closely associated with him in the CNMI’s relationship with Best Sunshine/IPI and subsidiaries. But no outcry of concern and promotion of a solution so this won’t happen again from Democrats or Independents because they DO NOT HAVE A PLAN!

“Make the GOP’s mess your message Democrats and Independents” as these three issues alone are enough to almost propel any Party & candidates to office in opposition to the GOP but IF there is not a UNIFIED effort, We the People will end up right back where we started with a Dead Democracy and a unchecked government controlled by the GOP AGAIN with Tina and Ed yelling and complaining from the sidelines with NO results! WE (our Democrat & Independents leaders and future leaders) need to take note and learn from the mainland politics of “countering the political opposition almost DAILY on issues” as the election process is a MARATHON not a sprint. Election season is only the sprint to the finish line for the undecided voters after a year or more of political campaigning by all the contenders for seats. I can’t emphasize it enough that the time to win in the mid-terms is NOW-THIS TODAY as the GOP is giving contenders plenty of openings and the bullets to shot them with. Believe it or not there is already much anticipation and even HOPE in our community for the Democrats & Independents to GET-THEIR-ACT-TOGETHER because of my Epitaphs as I am getting a lot of positive feedback to keep writing.

Just imagine if Rep. Tina Sablan had used the rejection of her appeal for an oversight hearing to promote the fact that the rejection was just more proof that voters need to CHANGE their Government by electing Democrats. She would have offered a REAL solution so the next time an oversight hearing is requested it will be met with bipartisanship and more than likely granted. Just imagine if Kilili and Rep. Tina Sablan had used the opportunity in the news to respond to the Feds raids to promote the fact that this is just ANOTHER reason why voters need to change their Government to a Democrat majority but they ARE NOT fighting for CHANGE just their own jobs! These were golden opportunities for Kilili, Tina Sablan and others especially aspiring politicians to offer a real solution that voters could buy-into and vote for ALL Democrats as NOW is the time to win the election when the Governor and his GOP Legislature is MESSING-UP. But for all practical purposes we still don’t have a functioning Democrat Party. Given the continuous mess-ups of the Governor and the GOP it would be an easy task to take-over the Government from the GOP if and ONLY IF the Independents and Democrats would just get their act together.

Just to show readers what I mean about “the POWER to Win,” the recent Austerity announcement that was met by only a single request for an oversight was launched by a single person and was literally trashed because there was NO UNITY or Political Real Estate with any POWER. Where were the other Independents speaking out on this issue in UNITY? Where were those Democrats who want to run for office to also speak out on the issue? So it’s easy to see there was no real political opposition to Austerity and how it would be handled which placed more of the burden on the People when it should have been more on IPI to give up and pay-up all the millions they owe us folks in the cheap seats of our Government. There should have been a full scale Political ATTACK on the Governor that would have FORCED him to be more receptive and accountable to helping the PEOPLE and holding IPI more accountable for paying what they owe us folks in the cheap seats. It would have been a battle that would PROVE to voters WHO is really fighting for them even if the battle was lost. This is why I am now so against Independents who refuse to UNITE so that We the People can have a UNITED and POWERFUL opposition to the GOP. But this requires putting the People FIRST over personal intentions as one of the most important lessons in competing for anything is that “winning is NOT everything”. IF you fight the good fight and do it right you should win so depend more on your merits and not your Independent political association as it’s all about wining for the people FIRST before yourself!

Former New York Mayor Bloomberg, who was once a Republican who has just declared himself as a Democrat candidate for President because he was sick and tired of seeing how #45 is devastating American politics, American foreign relations, and widening the racial divide that has led to mass shootings by white supremist. Our Independents need to take the same leap of faith to do the right and best thing by joining the Democrats for the sake of us ALL as this Independent stuff MUST come to an end if we are to EVER have a living and healthy Democracy- Independents will NEVER cure our Dead Democracy alone -for TRUE!!!!

Too his credit, Kilili is focused on our Washington Politics and can’t really get too involved in local politics because he MUST maintain a bipartisan stance as much as possible so that he can work with EVERYONE in our Legislature and our Executives. Kilili’s hands are tied to a large degree in speaking out against local leaders but that is where the opposition PARTY comes into play but we don’t have one. IF all the Independents were united with the Democrat Party along with those who are seeking to become a Representative or Senator it would be an EASY task to heal our dead Democracy with a total shift in power to the Democrats. I will be one person who will be ADAMANTLY AGAINST any Independents in the coming mid-term because their selfishness MUST end NOW! NO disrespect intended towards Democrats and Independents and I pray they will join together to UNITE voters in saving our “two-party system that will be able to maintain real checks & balances for the People they work for, which includes ALL of us folks (voters) in the cheap seats.” To be continued: One people one direction!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.