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OPINION | Human rights abuses and violations

THE United Nations has come out with the total number of children locked up in U.S.: they’re in the thousands.

This is a violation of the human rights of these poor kids who are locked up in immigration centers all over the United States today.

Donald Trump and his cronies have committed crimes against these children, and the chilling truth about this is that all countries have ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child except for the U.S.

So now the U.S. is violating this U.N. policy that aims to protect children’s rights because we believe we have better laws.

Today we are viewed as the cruelest country in the world because our President has ripped children from their parents and locked them up.

I cannot believe it myself that Oregon health authorities can really abduct my wife because it’s okay for their opioid profits.

Do you see how these two party establishments in our government today can really impose their abuse of power on families? I must be living in China.

This is a reminder to U.S. families that these atrocities are not who we are today, but they’re happening in America and other countries.

What is separating families is the authoritarianism off the Republicans and Democrats who are hurting us and our families.

It has happened to me so I can really speak about this important family issue. No family should be going through what I’m going through today folks.

Parents are being separated from their children and this is happening under Republicans and Democrats.

These are party establishments that are supposed to know how to run a government of the people by people and for the people.

But they can be very deceiving. Both parties can tell you, “This is the reality and there is nothing you can do about it as long as we’re the majority.”

Today more than ever as I think about what I have experienced so far, I ask myself: “Should I even pursue my journalism degree?”

It’s probably better not to associate myself with any organization and just volunteer for hope and peace.

Corruption in America today is out of control and when you look at other countries they’re also no different from corrupt organizations or corporations.

Medical malpractice is a classic example of how corruption takes place and how government tries to cover it up.

The greed for profits and the selfishness of organizations or corporations are no different from what is we see in governments globally today.

China and Russia tell the United States, “Mind your own business.” Like they’re the kings of kings.

The reason I am so passionate against all these injustices today is because U.S. corporate media are not willing to report all these human rights abuses.

The corporate media news only pick their own news that matter to their own organizations or corporations’ revenues and profits. It’s what we see today, and it’s outrageous and wrong.

In other words, as long as they prioritize their corporations and organizations’ profits with their party politicians then everything is okay and we must conform.

This pattern of behavior in both party establishments today with their connected corporations or organizations is the “new normal.” We are all victims all over the world today.

But make no mistake. Your CNMI coconut news will be tough and consistent and will report what needs to be investigated and reported.

“You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?” Mathew 23:33.

In other words, I’m reminding world leaders about God’s own declaration when He said any laws added to His laws will distance man from God because many man-made laws contain lies and loopholes and they’re always about dirty politics.

For example, this impeachment process against Trump started when he tried to get dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden.

It’s insane and crazy.

Let me be clear: No one is above the law.

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.