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Teacher Appreciation Week Essay: Florence Calvo, grades 7th & 8th Digital Media teacher

MISS Flo deserves the title as a “teacher,” thanks to her, my future dealing with technology for sure will be bright.

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Florence CalvoFlorence Calvo
She is that type of teacher who tells you to exceed your expectations, to reach for the sky.

To the rest of the school, Ms. Flo might just be a “teacher” but I look at her as a mentor. She is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had because she tells me where to look but not where to see. Her profession in teaching creates all the other future professions one lesson at a time, one step at a time, one student at a time.

Not every student you know can learn all the same things in the same day or the same way, Ms. Flo gets us students, she makes things easier to understand but she doesn’t only teach us, we can also talk to her as if she’s one of us like a best friend. I feel so comfortable talking to her explaining everything, some of my problems happening inside and outside of school.

The best part is she understands and she is very supportive when I can’t go to any other teacher or even the counselor. Ms. Flo is my motivation to success and these are just a few reasons why she is My CHAMP!