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Thoughts on a Monday Morning: Hard to believe

FROM the 1980’s clear up to 2008, I listened to a late-night radio program: Coast-to-Coast AM.

Its original incarnation was the Art Bell show, but Art retired (I don’t recall when exactly) and he dubbed a man named George Noory as his successor. Then the name of the show was changed to Coast-to-Coast AM, or simply “Coast.”

What made the show special was that Art (and later George) had the most interesting guests and topics. The topics included extra-terrestrial life, time travel, Alien technology at Area 51, out-of-body travel, and other far-out topics.

Unfortunately, we can’t get “Coast” on Saipan, unless we pick it up from Guam (around 65 on an AM radio). It is possible to stream it on the internet, but it’s not as good as lying in bed late at night and listen to a former U.S. Naval officer talk about UFO’s and their undersea bases. I often fell asleep listening to these interesting stories.

However, YouTube has most of the “Coast” broadcasts, and this popular web site now has thousands of intriguing videos.

As I ate dinner last night I watched a remarkable YouTube video about the “real Jesus”:

It turns out that Jesus’s true name is Jmmanuel (pronounced Emmanuel) and He doesn’t especially like the name Jesus.

Billy MeierBilly Meier

At least, that what Jesus said when a man named Billy Meier, with the time-travel assistance of his friends from the Pleiades, took him back into time, to 32 A.D., to meet the real Jesus.

Jmmanuel told Billy that Joseph was not his real father, but that Gabriel, also from the Pleiades, was. Because of his Pleiadian heritage, Jmmanuel was able to read people’s minds, perform various miracles, and to heal the sick. Apparently Plieadians are far more evolved than we earthlings.

Jmmanuel told Billy that he would also become a messiah, a role Billy didn’t want to take on.

Eduard “Billy” Meier was born in Switzerland in 1937 and was first approached by a Pleiadian when the boy was five years old. Meier was taught many esoteric skills and later traveled in their spaceship to other parts of the galaxy, before returning home.

Do I believe any of this stuff? Let’s say I am not convinced. But others are, and they are sincere.

Here is the link to the Jmannuel story on YouTube:

You will get thousands of hits if you Google the name Billy Meier, or look him up on YouTube. He has a devoted following — probably in the millions.

In a fairly recent interview Meier said, “The U.S. is making a grave mistake by taunting Russia every day.”

But wait — there’s more!

Another fascinating individual is a Seattle attorney, Andrew Basiago.

Andrew’s father was in the CIA, involved in top-secret projects. He was forbidden to discuss his activities with anyone (which is still the case for many agents).

When Andrew was around twelve years old, his father said, “Would you be interested in participating in a secret project with me?” Andy quickly agreed.

The first thing that happened is that Andrew and his father went to a secure facility in California, and then were suddenly teleported (like Star Trek) to a site in New Mexico. Andrew insists the technology exists and that people can be “beamed” anywhere in the world, instantly.

Andrew Basiago has been on “Coast” numerous times, and there are many videos of him on YouTube also.

He told some fascinating stories, which he insisted were true. It they really happened, then they are just unbelievable.

For example, he was able to time-travel back to a day in 1863, to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to actually witness President Lincoln deliver the famous “Gettysburg Address.” In fact, there is a photo of Andrew, wearing too-big boots, standing in the middle of a gathering. His father also went along for the ride, and said he was able to hear Lincoln speak.

Because Andrew was an excellent subject, he was part of a group of boys who were trained to go to Mars via a sophisticated technical apparatus know as “The Jump Room.”

He said it was like getting into an elevator. The doors closed, and when they opened again, he was on Mars.

He told this story on Coast-to-Coast AM, and, while he was on the air, another fellow called in to say that he knew Andy and that the caller had also gone to Mars with him. Andrew knew the fellow well, and was surprised and delighted to hear from him.

They both told the host, George Noory, a couple of interesting facts. The first was that a young Barry Soetoro (now known as President Barack Obama) was also part of the group. Yes, according to Andrew Basiago and his friend, our president went to Mars as a teenager. They both described “Barry” as being stand-offish, thinking he was better than the other boys.

On the radio program, Basiago and his friend both revealed that a Captain Ed Dames trained them, and the young Obama, for the mission to mars. Dames later became a major.

Then, suddenly, Ed Dames called the radio show and disclaimed everything. He said he knew nothing about Basiago or his friend, and that he had never trained anybody to go to mars. He was angry.

As I listened to Dames’ diatribe I assumed he was trying to smear the guests and to disavow any knowledge of the Jump Room, or other above-top-secret activities.

Here is Andrew Basiago’s web site:

There are many videos of Andrew Basiago on YouTube, and they are pretty darn fascinating. Take a look — it’s free.

There is so much “hidden” information which is slowly being brought forth by whistleblowers on YouTube, it must be giving the military fits — if the information is correct.

Another fascinating tidbit is that the U.S. has a base on Mars, and has had for some time. It is part of the “Secret Space Program” and is under the control of the U.S. Navy.

Is it true? No idea. But there are probably a dozen YouTube videos about a U.S. base on Mars. They are fun to watch.

Bottom line: I do not present the above as factual. I only am passing it along as some of the most intriguing videos I ever saw. See them yourself — they’re all on YouTube.

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