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OPINION: Wisdom and facts debunk hypocrite laws

THERE are two “hypocrite laws” in America that really need to be debunked as they both go hand-and-hand in our struggle to liberate society from the falsehoods of conjecture and even lies that created these two ridiculous laws. 

These laws were promoted as being “wise” in the management of society and there were many outlandish stories and lies told and even testified to in order to make them a reality. The first of these laws has already been debunked by many states and is clearly on the chopping block in almost every other state in our Nation to be debunked including the CNMI — the legalization of marijuana in case you didn’t know. I’m sure everyone who has been educated about marijuana will agree that it was “hypocritical” to make the use of marijuana illegal because “there is nothing to fear about marijuana but fear itself.”

Hypocrite is to be insincere — two faced — deceitful — phony, just to give you a few synonyms of the word hypocrite and they all point to wrong doing that obviously needs to be corrected which is why we see America waking up to change the hypocritical law against marijuana use. Now that science and societies have debunked the lies about marijuana and proven the many values of marijuana while exposing the fact that alcohol and tobacco are far more dangerous than marijuana. American society is now moving forward and benefiting medically, socially and economically all while moving forward on marijuana use and Criminal Justice reforms.

But there is another hypocritical law that is also coming to the forefront and questioned with the progression of legalization — the age limit of 21 for Pot users. It took America hundreds of years to reach the fruition of equality with the 1964 Civil Rights Act but they forgot to add “age” to this law that prevents hypocritical acts of discrimination driven by religion, sex and the color of a person’s skin. I know there will be some adult people up-in-arms over allowing 18 year olds to use marijuana. But I beg for these people to take a long look in the mirror and ask themselves how they wanted to be treated when they were 18 and what they did when they were 18 to 20 that were only allowable for those 21 and over. I’m sure many if not most of these older adults will have to admit that they wanted to be treated equally as an adult at 18 and not treated like a child — whatever happened to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” — the golden rule!

Is it not being hypocritical to tell an 18-year-old you can join the military, the CIA, the Police Force and most jobs at 18 and even carry a weapon but you don’t know how to handle marijuana? Is it not being hypocritical to tell our 18 year olds it’s OK to fight wars and even die helping people you don’t even know but you can’t smoke a Joint or have a drink before you risk your life and possibly die? Is it not being hypocritical to tell our 18 year old they have all the rights of an adult including the right to vote but they can’t enjoy themselves by using any vices to relieve stress and/or up-lift their emotional spirits like other adults? Is it not truly hypocritical for one adult to be FREE to smoke Pot while another adult is being charged with a crime for Pot — HELLER! You don’t have to be a legal scholar, scientist or philosopher to see and know that the 21-year-old law is a hypocritical law that is really obsolete in these modern times just like illegal pot laws are becoming obsolete and a thing of the past. I can tell you now that we (society) will one day look back and laugh at how silly and ridiculous it was to make Pot illegal — remember, slavery was once an acceptable institution and now the entire world is against it, we are EVOLVING people so don’t be afraid to GROW!

What makes America so great is our foundation that is based on genuine “principles & values” that can withstand any test and endure to be sustained for all time starting with the principle of EQUALITY! It was the principle of America that “all men are created equal” that has driven the social transformation and social improvements in America. If we are to truly live by the principle of equality in every way then we must tear down the wall of inequality that has established a demarcation line of segregation between the 18- to 20-year-old adults and the 21 and over adults — these two groups of adults ARE NOT being treated equally. If you ever graduated from high school you KNOW that one can’t wait to begin their ADULT life which is why we must get legalization RIGHT! The 18 to 20 age group will be the most likely group to try and use marijuana once it becomes legal and if they are not included we will literally be setting this group up for failure and to become criminals for using marijuana. For me as a parent and former educator, setting up our young adults for failure IS NOT an option which is why I am trying to educate our leaders and the general public.

The 21-year-old hypocrite law was never based on any principle nor any real facts of adversity but solely on conjecture and politicians trying to be “politically correct” — or should I say politicians “playing safe status quo politics” to stay in office. In either case we are now learning, thanks to legalization, that the 21-year-old law is just as hypocritical as the law that criminalized marijuana. Yes, we (America) got it all backwards when legal alcohol and tobacco are two of our biggest KILLERS and marijuana never made anyone sick much less kill anyone — as you can see this is very serious because hypocrisy even KILLS for TRUE! Just think, many of those who are suffering or have even died from tobacco, alcohol, ICE, heroin and cocaine use may have avoided these deadly vices if marijuana had been legal and that’s a FACT making legalization a true life & death issue.

Almost every 18- to 20-year-old in America, CNMI included, will be exposed to marijuana use and this is especially true among college students. But our present resolve is to “make them a criminal if they use Pot” which is really a laughable deterrent because many will ignore it as criminalization IS NOT a solution to the real challenge of HOW does society live with marijuana use harmoniously because it can never be stopped. So do we maintain the dumbfounded and hypocritical law of 21 and older or do we fix this law along with the other dumbfounded and hypocritical law of illegal marijuana use? The 18- to 20-year-old group must either be adults or children and not a group of people caught in “limbo” not being fully recognized as a child or an adult — society is better than that now. It is also not so much about the 18- to 20-year-olds getting high as it is about the “principles of equality & rights” — it’s their RIGHT if they are truly adults and their DECISION not Juan & Juanita Q. Public as we can’t pick & choose nor manipulate the principles of Rights and Equality!

I suggest we follow the WISDOM of our former President who used marijuana as a young adult like many in our Legislature also did. He asked America to end the prohibition on marijuana and to reform our Criminal Justice system by legalizing marijuana and stop locking up people, especially our youth and young adults, for using marijuana. President Obama’s use of Pot as a young adult has proved that marijuana use will not stand in the way of anyone’s aspirations if they are educated and well grounded. But just think if Obama had got caught and convicted for Pot as a young adult — he would never have become President and that’s a TRUE story and why we must not set the 18 to 20 age group up to become criminal failures. We need to be educating about Pot not locking people up because in this 21st century it is ridiculously ignorant and hypocritical for any adult to assert they are better than another adult because of their age, especially when parents are being told to “stop smoking” by their 10-year-old who also teaches their parents how to use computer programs — for True! We must stop the foolishness as we are either an adult or a child and nothing in between and that’s a fact Jack! All People for equality and clarity between all adults and children.

PS: On an economic note: the CNMI will need Legalization (Cannabis Tourism) to have any chance of reaching the needed visitor arrival numbers if we are to meet the Tourism Targeted Growth needed which was proven by the study prepared by Horwath HTL.

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.