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Editorials 2017-May-19

Easy targets

MVA is sounding the alarm about robberies and attacks on visitors at tourist sites.

But the question is, will anyone do something about it? Tourism is the CNMI’s only industry, and assaults on tourists are not a great selling point. Just as bad is the fact that robbing is an equal opportunity crime so residents are also easy targets. This is the way it is and will continue to be until DPS and members of the community find more and better ways to prevent, as much as possible, such crimes and to bring perpetrators to justice.

CUC’s biggest problem

CONCERNED citizens breathed a sigh of relief when the governor’s “discussion” with the CUC board members triggered their resignation. Still to be addressed, however, is the public auditor’s report which says political interference is CUC’s biggest problem, with both the Legislature and the executive branch as co-enablers.

Because of politics, CUC’s job is complicated with regulatory and statutory amendments that stymie the agency’s ability to do the right thing. So far, nothing has happened to indicate that CUC’s basic operations will change. CUC customers will continue to demand better services and low or lower rates, and politicians who say they can deliver both will continue to be elected or re-elected to office — and they will continue to enact “popular” measures that are bad for CUC but good for their political careers.

As for the resignation of the members of the CUC board, what happens now to the malfeasance that led to a board revamp? Does it get investigated and acted upon?

Ban ‘em

THE same thing goes for the wrongful hiring of “tourists” to work on construction or in offices. Having packed up and sent off the entire construction crew with cash in hand, what becomes of the construction project? It is in everyone’s interest — including those who don’t think so — to have the hotel-casino completed and the facility opened. But the investor and its contractors have an obligation to follow CNMI and U.S. laws. Not to do so results in legal problems that have the effect of costly delays in construction and the start of operations. Contractors who break the rules must be penalized and banned from doing business in the CNMI.

Good choices

IT is hard to find fault with the governor’s recent judicial and CHCC board appointments. All of them are qualified and have the necessary educational and/or professional backgrounds that will serve them well once — not if — they’re confirmed by the Senate.

We hope that the governor will make similar sensible appointments to CPUC and the CUC board. Of course, abolishing the CUC board would be much better, but we can’t always get what we want.

Fire prevention

IT is the dry season and everyone here knows, or should know, that with strong winds, fires can break out anywhere and threaten life and property. People should also know, based on recent experience, that fire trucks may not have water which can result in total destruction of homes and businesses. Moreover, when calling 911, providing geographical directions may be a problem, so the only way to prevent fire is to avoid the proliferation of hazardous conditions. Be safe. Protect your property and your neighbor’s as well by paying attention to hazards associated with fire.