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OPINION: Crying wolf corruption after-the-fact

I’M sure most readers are well versed on the story of “the boy who cried wolf” and for sure everyone is aware of the corruption that has gone on in the past. 

But does that mean a wolf or corruption is still running ramped — I don’t think so and the proof is in the details. While reality and history has taught us that corruption is a “REAL by-product” of governing that doesn’t mean all governments and all people in government are corrupt but all governments are capable of housing corrupt people. In fact, we were warned about potential corruption in the Governments of our Federal System as far back as the creation of America in the Federalist Papers written by our Founders who insisted there be checks & balances built into our Federal System at the national and state levels. Our founders also warned about “special interests people & groups as being the MOST dangerous threat to our Democracy” of FREEDOM & EQUALITY — special interest groups called Terrorists are our #1 enemy today, for TRUE!.

There has been a lot of wolf crying corruption lately but in all cases it was “after the fact” so we can’t even call these people whistleblowers. I’m not trying to defend or convict anyone but the recent claims by our former DPS Commissioner of corruption at DPS after being convicted, the corruption alleged by the man charged with crimes against the late N. Island Mayor’s property only after being caught and convicted, and more recently the former Secretary of Labor is now alleging corruption after losing her job. I am not saying that corruption did or did not exist BUT if these people knew about the corruption why did they wait until they were figuratively LOSERS to speak up which is the TRUE question that needs answering? I’m sure most people with common sense can deduce that all of these people were really selling “sourer-grapes” by condoning and even supporting the alleged corruption behavior if it’s true as long as they could benefit which is the TRUE travesty of their wolf cry of corruption.

I don’t have anything against these people and in fact I viewed two of them as being my friend but when it comes to the economic, social and political health of the CNMI I draw the line. Everyone is looking at the finger doing they are pointing but it seems no one is concerned that three fingers are pointing back at these people literally.   It is really sad they told on themselves condoning what they may have viewed as being corruption by not speaking up when it was taking place but now they are trying to reap vengeance to get back at the powers-that-be due to their predicament. If these allegations of corruption had been brought forth BEFORE they got in trouble or lost their job they would have surely been considered “official whistleblowers” and even protected but that was not the case making everything they say to be treated with circumspect and suspicion and even unbelievable.

There have even been wolf cries that almost everyone one on the Hill is corrupt including the Governor and the Attorney General which is really ridiculous. Didn’t we just make the point that NO Governor or AG is above the Law by convicting a Governor and even electing an “independent AG” to reassure that no politician would have influence over the AG? I can only speak for my personal opinion and the facts and they are: First of all, everyone will NEVER be happy with a “legal decision” be it the AG a judge or jury decision as there will always be someone on the opposing side to complain. But it is not right or fair to imply corruption just because you didn’t like the legal decision. Furthermore, I know for a fact after years of being a fellow member of Santa Soledad with the AG and knowing him BEFORE he was an AG that he is a man of “unquestionable integrity”.   So to a large degree all these cries of corruption are really nothing more than a phony wolf cry that needs to stop and find something constructive to yell about and more importantly they need to let the governing agencies do their job.

Unlike some may think, I have always been concerned about the CNMI and its future which is why I fought so hard in the past to try and “cure our sick Democracy” that is still in ICU by reviving the Democratic Party so there would be more and better checks & balances on corruption with a much healthier political system in place. But I don’t think many citizens realized the importance of what I was trying to do so my efforts fell on deaf ears. The people didn’t want the cure for our sick Democracy that was rejected and I have now given up on trying to help the People who don’t want an outsider’s help with their politics in the CNMI. I know “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink” which is true wisdom. The reality is, We the People now we have a clearly divided CNMI for TRUE with the GOP in complete control with a solid majority. But those against the GOP powers-that-be are crying corruption from the sidelines on every turn of the page in our political arena which can’t be true as everyone in the GOP are not corrupt and to say different is not fair or even rational. In fact, most people know that those who are figuratively crying wolf (corruption) are disconnected GOP who are now disgruntle and want to strike back. But we are a nation of LAWS that will always overrule allegations that can’t be substantiated thus we see phony wolf cries of corruption. It is easy to accuse someone of wrong but proving it is totally another story — just ask any prosecutor. As for those crying corruption they need to do it when the wolf is THERE doing corrupting acts not after he is gone figuratively.

We must FIRST learn to trust the system to do its job and we must be cautious in our support for special interest groups and people who often “cry wolf” when there is no wolf figuratively — they just want to attract negative or adverse attention like the boy who cried wolf. I do respect everyone and all opinions which is why this was not focused on the names or any single individual so I hope no one will take this personal and respect my opinion like I respect everyone else’s — I live by the Gold Rule — “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” These people who are crying wolf corruption after the fact are clearly not TRUE whistleblowers as they would have us to believe which I’m sure most people with common sense can see. A true whistleblower would have exposed these alleged acts of corruption WHEN THEY HAPPENED not after the fact — duh! I am also not against any of these people crying corruption I just think the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH needs to be exposed BEFORE and not AFTER-the-fact for what it TIS as we say in the Hood.

The lesson or moral to this story of crying corruption is: “if you are going to be a whistleblower then do so when you see it happening, NOT after the fact” as there is no suitable rational for defense after the fact, it’s irresponsible and even unbelievable to cry wolf (corruption) after the sheep is dead especially when you even helped to eat the sheep” figuratively. Be a TRUE whistleblower or accept the consequences of your silence when the people needed you the MOST!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.