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OPINION: The Universe is perfect

SOME say “every cloud has a silver lining.” Others say “it is what it is.” Still others prefer “make the best of a bad situation,” or the ever popular “when the world hands you lemons, make lemonade.”

I say “the Universe is perfect.” It’s my mantra of choice as I navigate this thing called life. It’s something I reminded myself and others last week when the Saipan Writer’s Workshop had to be rescheduled due to Saturday’s islandwide power outage. However, there seems to be a bit of confusion as to what it really means. Here is a primer.

The Universe is perfect doesn’t mean things are always honky dory, peachy keen, or peaches and cream. The Universe is perfect doesn’t mean you always get your way. The Universe is perfect can’t explain away, rationalize or ease the pain of every undesirable outcome.

The Universe is perfect doesn’t mean everything will go well and that everything is good and that you can, will or should always be happy. “Bad” things can happen in a perfect universe. It means that if you come home to find your house in flames, that the destruction might be offering you an opportunity to rebuild your life differently. In the destruction may lie the gift of release and detachment. Tragedy, pain and grief do occur in a perfect universe. After a period of mourning and healing, those who remain can channel that grief to make life better for others to honor the memory of those they love.

The Universe is perfect doesn’t mean you always achieve your stated goals in the manner or time frame you wish. If what you need — as determined by this supportive universe — is to hit rock bottom in order to bounce back up, then hitting rock bottom is part of the perfectly orchestrated sequence of cause and effect to get you where you wish to be.

The Universe is perfect doesn’t mean people won’t disappoint you.

It means, however, that if the person you’ve arranged to meet doesn’t arrive on time, that in that tardiness might lie the opportunity to re-assess (a) whom you have as your friends, (b) how you make your appointments, (c) how you respond to people who don’t value your time (assert yourself by walking away and letting that person and others know you’ll only wait for five minutes in the future) or (d) it might simply offer the opportunity to relax and read a book while you wait. In other words, every situation exists so you can use it to evolve.

The Universe is perfect doesn’t mean that the job interview always goes well and that you’ll always get the position you want. It may mean, however, that if you don’t get the job, that might be just as valuable an outcome because (a) something better may await you that might be a better fit, or (b) some introspection might be in order to determine how you created the situation in which you find yourself, or (c) you need to hone your interview skill set. In other words, any outcome can and should be embraced as equal in its value to you as a “teachable moment.”

The Universe is perfect doesn’t mean you always get the lover you want. If she shows up, that might mean she is interested and you’ve got something to work with. If he stands you up, that might mean he’s just not that into you. Don’t force it. That which you seek is also seeking you.

The Universe is perfect doesn’t simply mean “make the best of a bad situation.” It means you proceed with the assumption that what others may label as a “bad” situation could be, in fact, the best thing for you! If it rains on the day of your barbecue or cruise ship tour, just keep repeating “the Universe is perfect.” Who knows? Perhaps the rain is creating a new set of conditions and outcomes that are keeping someone away from your barbecue who might have ruined it! Perhaps now you’ll avoid driving down a road that you would have traveled and encountered something more dismal.

Saying the Universe is perfect allows you to escape your attachment to specific outcomes. It doesn’t mean you always get the parking space you want. It means that if you do, it’s perfect. If you don’t, that has perfection within it, too.

But wait! There’s more! The Universe is perfect is also a powerful creative statement. It trains you to seek the value in every situation and, by the very fact of looking for it, you can, in fact, create that value. It’s Schroedinger’s cat meets the observer effect: it is there if you seek it, not there if you don’t.

It also means you recognize the role you’ve played in creating your outcomes and rather than rail against what you’ve created, you simply resolve to create, create create anew. It means if you are in alignment with your purpose; if you are evolving towards your higher self, then whatever happens as life unfolds is part of a creative process you can affect.

In summary, perfect means filled with opportunity and potential. “The Universe is perfect” means that however things may unfold in a given situation, there is always divine order as well as the opportunity to grow and the potential for evolution within the circumstances of the outcome.

“This is perfect because it exists to get me where I wish to be. This is perfect because it is causing me to grow. This is perfect because it is an opportunity to assess how I got here. All outcomes are perfect, because whatever happens — 'good' or 'bad' as some may describe it — all outcomes can offer a path (sometimes a detour) to my goal.” Now, whether you choose to seek, identify and seize that opportunity is up to you. Here’s hoping you find the perfection in your universe!

NOTE: The new date for the Saipan Writer’s workshop is this Saturday, July 1 from 12 noon to 3 p.m. at the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library. (See? You and I get an extra week to promote and prepare for the workshop, and a chance to share this article and invitation with someone who might be Saipan’s next rising star author! The Universe is perfect!)

p.s. And for those who are thinking about current political events: The Universe is perfect doesn’t mean you always get the leaders you want. In a perfectly ordered universe, you get the leaders you deserve. You get the leaders who show you perfectly the height of your humanity for you to celebrate it, but you also get the leaders who show you the depth of your depravity so you can evolve. Celebration and evolution: the eternal promise of choices in a perfect universe.

Walt F.J. Goodridge is a Jamaican-born, Saipan resident and author of over 24 books including Turn Your Passion Into Profit, and Living True to Your Self, as well as Ducks in a Row: How to find the courage to finally QUIT your soul-draining, life-sapping, energy-depleting, freedom-robbing job now...before it’s too late...and live passionately ever after! He has also written several books about Saipan as well as healthy living. Learn more at