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OPINION: Amelia Earhart on Saipan: how to tell the real story... correctly (a public service infographic!)

SAIPAN is now (or, at least, should be) “Amelia Earhart Central.” Thanks to a recently aired History Channel documentary, the world should look to Saipan news outlets like this one, as well as to residents like you, for updates and insights into the Amelia Earhart story.

The documentary was a vindication of sorts for those of us tour guides and Amelia enthusiasts who, based on the overwhelming number of eyewitness accounts, have always maintained that her story — the story those in the U.S. mainland and the rest of the world believed — was incomplete at best, a coverup at worst.

The Jaluit Island photograph revealed in the documentary, though, does not change the story nor the credibility and consistency of the evidence. It merely provides a focal point for others to launch their questioning of the official conclusion, reconcile it with ours and join us in the reality we share here on Saipan and the Marshall Islands.

As a public service to Saipan, the Marshall Islands and the world, I offer the following infographic to help everyone share the real story of what happened to Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan. It is based on research expeditions, documentaries, books, interviews and records in the public domain.

Share it confidently with friends, family and strangers. This is no longer theory. This is not speculation. This is not debate. In fact, the day may already be here where anyone who promotes a story other than this one may be put in the same category as climate change deniers!

Note: Watch the 2-hour documentary, entitled “Amelia Earhart, the Lost Evidence” on Youtube or, conveniently, at along with the most current version of this infographic. Download it, share it, but most importantly, don’t be a “Saipan denier!”