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OPINION: Ignorance is truly bliss — adult rated

MANY times I don’t read the online comments to my opinions because they don’t really matter but every now and then I do take a look and this time it was about my opinion on “saving the local culture.” 

I think and I’m sure most will agree that I was respectful and humble in my attempt to HELP the local people with the challenges of saving the culture but I would like for the people to see the ONLY comments that were posted as they truly offer a “teaching opportunity” for this retired educator. I think they missed my opinion when I said “there is no shame in my game” and in fact writing is my hobby meaning I LOVE TO DO THIS but readers should know that some of things said by my critics is truly “adult rated.”

Ioanes stated “The indigenous people know their culture. Can Amby honestly say he could see what’s ours through his blackish and blurred sight?” Now this is an ADULT responding to my attempt to HELP — talking about biting the hand that is trying to feed you this is self-explanatory prejudice and ignorance. They are so arrogant as to claim the people know their culture when EVERYONE else except them knows the culture is dying one person at a time — prayers for them as this is not a child who is open-minded but a close-minded adult who really doesn’t know the true reality. Now deoppressolibres stated “With only glancing through this article, it seems that my friend has another ‘I told you so’ article, again ‘all about me’ (will attempt to read during the week ahead).”   Well your NOT my friend and, Yes it is another one of the lessons I had already taught that NO ONE in class (the powers-that-be) learned. They went on to say “BTW my friend which side of the family is ‘part Cherokee’?? I sure would like to read that story. THAT may prove more interesting than your alleged marches as a ‘youngen’ with King. I have the heading, it could read ‘My granddad/father was the first black Cherokee.’ ”

As one can see this is truly a prejudiced personal attack that was totally not appropriate but I hope people can see the kind of people who are embedded in the fabric of our society.   FYI, my great grandmother was a full-blooded Cherokee and I hope this will help YOU and OTHERS to learn to be MORE respectful which we teach children to do, not adults. I don’t think you or anyone would want people questioning their ancestry in a public forum for no reason other than hate and obvious jealousy. And YES, I did march with Dr. King on more than one occasion, I was there when he made his last speech “The Promise Land” and I sit in a planning meeting with him in Memphis as a member of SNCC. What did you do for civil rights deoppressolibres? NOTHING! So please STOP hatting because I had personal experiences with Dr. King. The average person who has read my opinions and knows me with common sense can tell I am a man of God who is a product of Dr. King, Muhammad Ali, my Mom and others including some of the Philosophers of the Ages.

Stink Eye wants to add their two-cents and had the nerve to say, “I think what he is saying is that he fathered some children via an African Women, a Cherokee Woman, and a Local Woman? Would I be guessing correctly to say he’s originally from Salt Lake City, Utah?”

I really don’t have to respond to this “FILTH” as anyone with common sense can see this adult has a real problem.

Deoppressolibres. Now this person had to take another swing and really “hit below the belt” (totally disrespectful) and should be ashamed to be an adult acting like a teenager teasing someone.

They said, “I think it was Tennessee, but he is a Southern Boy, at least that was where he was in jail for drugs years ago.”   Talking like this one can only wonder what all they have done and should have gone to jail for but NEVER got caught. But I can proudly say that even though I was more of a victim of my environment and the times, I was able to OVERCOME and be a productive member of society — just ask your fellow citizens, the Legislature, the U.S. Dept. of Ed, the U.S. Congress, PSS and the list goes on so how-U-like-that.

But Stink Eye wasn’t’ through signifying when they said, “I was joking about Salt Lake City, Utah. It was a sarcastic reference to him possibly being a member of a certain group that practiced polygamy.” This is the mentality that is embedded in our society that a Junior High Student would recognize as “pitiful or pathetic” —so we must pray for them because these are ADULTS which is truly the saddest thing about their comments, they should KNOW better!

I am hopeful that most readers found this as entertaining as these commenters seem to be themselves because I’m sure most people with common sense can see that “it is still a day on and not a day off” for me as Dr. King might say. Ignorance can truly be bliss because these people really don’t-get-it and they think it’s funny! I recommend they read “Mr. Alligator Meets Trouble” which I used to read to my Elementary & Jr. High students to teach them a moral lesson on prejudices and racial superiority. So if only ONE of these 3 people can learn to appreciate others fighting to improve the quality of life for THEM and even humanity it was worth my time to use this teaching opportunity. As you can see from these people “ignorance can be BLISS, BLIND-Hearted, PREJUDICE and even dangerous” if someone really connects with their message that one can see is pure filth that is adult rated as evil. But this is what I’m used to for trying to help in the CNMI but the good part is that it was only three people out of thousands and the sad part is not ONE thank you and the People wonder why it is so hard for the CNMI to get ahead. With 3 people like this going public we don’t need the silent ones who may multiply by the hundreds and even be in high places which is something to really be concerned about. One people one direction to stop tolerating biasness and prejudice hatred for a better society of people in the CNMI!