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OPINION: Rep. Propst, CUC, GPSM, Senator Espaldon and who are criminals clarifications

GIVEN the time that has elapsed on the CUC Board controversy I think it is safe to say NOTHING has been found to warrant any form of “ethical or criminal” behavior — meaning Rep. Ed Propst really needs to come forward and apologize for all the chaos he started to no ends. 

The CNMI is still facing the SAME emergency that existed months ago only it is now more pressing! There were many of us in the Community who wanted to see the CUC Board change or for them to learn to work together because they were already on path to “self-destruct” only Rep. Propst speeded up the detonation figuratively. So instead of helping to resolve the real GOAL of getting an engine our Rep. only served to make it worse, for TRUE.

Rep. Propst would do well to apologize to the People, CUC, GPSM, Senator Espaldon of Guam for his false allegations and even the Governor for putting him through the obvious challenge of replacing the Board. For me, I think only ONE person needed to be removed to fix the Board but that is another story. However, it is sad that none of the people who were deemed CRIMINALS by Rep. Propst were never formally charged so who is wrong — it should be obvious. He literally tried to destroy these people in the Public Arena and on the Internet but now I hope he can see how OFF he was on his assertions. I had warned that the appearances of misconduct were nothing more than a “mirage” figuratively but I know my opinion didn’t matter so it is now for TRUE just another one of my I TOLD YOU SO!

Rep. Propst is a good person and I truly believe that he believed he was doing the right thing. But I pray for his sake and for the people of the CNMI that he would gain the wisdom of “solving problems over creating problems.” Where is his published lists of qualified people to be appointed to the CUC Board to HELP the Governor and CUC? Where are his efforts to HELP CUC who is now considering to hire a consultant? What companies have he contacted who would qualify to provide CUC with an engine? I could go on with a list of things that could have been MORE constructive but I think the point has been made: “don’t cause a problem UNLESS you have at least ONE solution,” which is TRUE wisdom backed up with ACTION! It is clear why even Ms. Reyes was upset at Rep. Propst for complaining about being invited to the Grand Opening of the Play Ground he had been PROTESTING Against! I knew when he was all over Facebook he was taking a big risk and now the proverbial Tiger is about to turn on him if he doesn’t change his motive-apparatus. May wisdom become Rep. Propst best advisor as he does have real potential to one day be a great Politician.

As for the “Who are Criminals” clarifications:

I never said there should not be some limitations on the use of people with a record as no one is stupid enough to hire a recent “repeat offender” or violate Federal Firearms Law on felons. But we should exercise the Federal Law that actually “protects felons” namely the Federal Privacy Act practiced by ALL Private Businesses and Government Agencies. I also asked, where do we draw the line for ex-felons to work in the industry so what number of years with a clean record is reasonable being the ONLY question that needs answering to fix the SB 20-62. The Legislature can also make the requirements as they see fit without fear of Federal Intervention on people with a record as long as they don’t conflict with Federal Law. So we shouldn’t be “nitpicking” over the type of felony(s) and misdemeanors which have no real bearing on THEIR RIGHT to work — just how long they have stayed out of trouble.

A lot of marijuana grown and sold in the CNMI is done to support a family. Ex-felons have children and families TOO that need food and care and their family are not criminals! This is one time we all need to think the Carolinian way of ONE HEART, and not how to alienate. There is also NO Federal Law to prevent a person with a record from working in ANY Industry unless they are carrying a weapon or in National Security Positions which is why I was saying we need to follow the “KISS Method”: KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID when it comes to a person with a criminal record — forgive forget and set a number of years is really a simple solving method.

Colorado, with a population of 5,658,546, had literally hundreds or even thousands of people with marijuana strains already growing and no record to start their industry so it wasn’t a problem for them to start their industry and alienate people with a record from having ANY job in the industry. The CNMI DOES NOT have that luxury and even Nevada where there is virtually no out-door marijuana grown ran out of marijuana the FIRST WEEK they opened their Dispensaries. People were flocking to Las Vegas like never before to get marijuana first and to enjoy Las Vegas second. I can’t emphasize it enough that the CNMI needs every cultivator they can find and they must be U.S. citizens so we are stuck with what we have. We had better learn quick fast and in a hurry how to exploit what we have or the Cannabis Industry could be another White Elephant for the CNMI with only locals mostly growing and selling MORE for themselves than to supply the Dispensaries — the Black Market that I WARNED the Senate Leadership about in 2016. Didn’t we learn from declaring War on Drugs that we escalated the problem by making bad drug laws which gave BIRTH to the Cartels? This is SOCIAL SCIENCE not Politics and we had better think MORE like Social Scientists on this issue and a lot less like Politicians! Legalization is purely a social & economic experiment, not a political football game!

Finally, if the Senate will follow through with the “controlling mechanisms, policies and procedures” I offered in the Draft for the Senate Leadership we can hire ANYONE as any criminal or obstructive behavior to manipulate the system will be immediately detected and that person would be fired or removed. I was also not saying we should turn the entire industry over to people with a record which is ridiculous. It needs to be noted that I didn’t just come up with something on a whim for the Senate as it is a collections of several years of real empirical study and research. I hope this will put to rest some of the concerns that were raised about the need for people with a criminal record to work in the Cannabis Industry — just keep in mind we need to follow the KISS Method as the Social issue of growing and selling marijuana is not a complex issue and the only TRUE challenges are “supply & demand” when it comes to the Economics of the Cannabis Industry — no supply means no sales and FAILURE! One people one direction for KISS and for this issue NOT to be ANOTHER I TOLD YOU SO!