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OPINION: The multi-media world visionaries

WHEN it comes to good news and bad news, the mega-corporate news outlets of America are good at it, but they can also make bad choices when reporting news to the public.

It is the small U.S. independent news freelance writer or journalist who catches the big corporate news outlets not reporting on worthy subjects to protect their profits.

So trust me. The little guys may be small businesses but they are calling out corporate America news for not being true to the public.

We may be small but we tell the public and our communities about the real dirty secrets of today’s U.S. corporate news outfits that shut down informative news outlets.

We provide real factual news that will hurt corporate news America.

Bill O’Reilly is gone, Brian Williams is gone, Dan Rather is gone, but we still need more informative and factual news that are only reported by multi-media news outlets because they tell it like it is with no bullies or retribution to worry about.

I for one scratch my head daily and I am dumbfounded that communities are not given truthful, informative, worthy public news that are credible.

America’s corporate president himself calls corporate media news fake news, but if you’re an informative news investigator and freelance writer you can distinguish inaccurate news from corporate America news outlets who are lying while protecting their profits instead of properly and honestly reporting the news.

When your instructor or professor in college tells you to seek the truth and to speak the truth it means there is a need to protect the public and the U.S. Constitution and to be firm when telling the whole truth today.

I was a Republican who never voted on Saipan. I became a Democrat when I voted in the U.S. I got dismayed with the Democrats when I found out they lied so I am now an Independent voter.

I watch both political establishments with an eagle vision that can see high from the sky like an eye on any U.S. dollar to keep a close eye on all politicians.

That’s what I was told by my college instructors and professors — to be a student of informative and factual news and report them to the public and our communities, and to protect our people who are being bullied and silenced by the corporate mega media news.

So I was asking myself this question: Why should I follow their profits over proper honest reporting protocols? Instead I will tell the real worthy enchilada news in local news and I will call it the fritada news because I want to tell the real truth wholeheartedly to the public.

As of right now I know for a fact that this Trump administration is still under ongoing investigation on top of the Houston and Florida hurricane disasters.

The predicament we’re in is worth a record $200 billion or more in needed relief funds. The Red Cross is in need of more donations.

In my own perspective, 2017 is the most memorable disaster year. These hurricanes will mean more homeless people and poverty in the United States will get worse.

Let’s throw in the victims of the super wildfire on the West Coast where thousands of families are living in shelters today.

When we leave politics out of these real life family pressure issues, it’s our U.S. lawmakers who have to step up to the plate to protect their people today.

As for the rejected Senate budget bill in the CNMI, it must be in a typhoon warning situation because they all need to look at it with a microscope to dig out the devil in the details.

Wow, what a good excuse after all the picnics and barbecue parties and the casino games on weekends, huh guys! Now, the East Coast and the West Coast need help.

My chilling advice to you CNMI crafty lawmakers is mother nature is not going to be happy if you shut down the CNMI government and father sky is watching every detail of your work.

In closing, I know the U.S. needs help now and you’re running out of time to fix your CNMI budget so get to work and stop the inconvenience or inconsiderate ideas. Do your work for our communities!

The author is a resident of Portland, Oregoon.