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OPINION: Two wrongs don’t = one right for CUC & the people

I WILL be the first to say that the decision by the Guam Senate Committee on Ethics to recommend the censure of Senator Espaldon came as a surprise to some degree but anything is possible with Politics.

As for the bar of guilt, it is still not clearly defined as the facts are left up to interpretation with INTENT being the real deciding factor. I would like to believe that the Senator had NO ill intent and the assertion of him being compensated with travel and food to help GPSM is a bit of a stretch because he never received any financial gain. Heck, the CNMI just experienced the same thing with the “plane ride and treats for our leaders when they went to Hong Kong.” So much of this is up to interpretation and not knowing the true POLITICS of the Committee is also something that needs to be considered. Were the members of the Ethics Committee truly being “objective” and were any of these members already against the Senator for POLITICAL reasons? I am not saying they were bias but we really don’t know the POLITICS of this decision. In fact, it was stated by Senator Estevez that “It is imperative, however, to also understand that the realm of ethics, unlike that of law, is inherently subjective (not objective) and that these findings and recommendations alone do not reflect on Senator Espaldon’s person or character.”

Giving Rep. Propst credit for destroying the Board and for trying to destroy a Senator is nothing to “gloat about” which is what my critics are doing — celebrating destruction but we still don’t have the needed engine, which was and still is the PEOPLE’s goal. The two wrongs that Rep. Propst has alleged DID NOT solve the problem to get it RIGHT at CUC. I’m sure some readers, especially my critics, STILL don’t get it because trying to expose two wrongs still doesn’t make anything RIGHT! It should also be noted that the two sentences of alleged ethics violation that meals, airfare, and other travel expenses in at least one trip to Korea and several trips to Saipan during the negotiation for the power plant purchase and that a conflict of interest on the part of Espaldon when he brokered for GPSM, whose executives include his former chief of staff, Phil Roberto, Robert and Amellia Toelkes don’t hold any real proof of intent to defraud anyone — nothing was a secret. In fact, if his position as a Senator played on the Selection Committee that is the FAULT of the Committee to allow his position to play on them which is not Senator Espaldon’s fault as he was NOT functioning as a Senator, duh!

The two wrongs alleged by Rep. Propst put ALL of US in a predicament still needing a new engine so where is his ONE RIGHT? What has Rep. Propst done to FIX the problem is the true question that needs to be addressed — our NEW Engine? Destroying the Board and the Senator didn’t do ONE THING to help us with getting the engine which is the very core of my rational on this issue. I am sure the average person with common sense in the CNMI care MORE about getting the engine that crediting Rep. Propst with destroying the Board over allegations that STILL haven’t been proven factual to this very day — just a belief of impropriety. No one knows the TRUE intent of the Senator’s relations with GPSM but I’m sure we will find out when he finally gets a chance to defend himself as he WAS NOT afforded this opportunity by the Committee who based their “subjective” decision using prosecuting evidence with nothing based on his defense — a one sided Trial to put it simple that warrants no celebration. But there will always be those crying and screaming to sacrifice someone over finding a solution to the problem — remember the BEST example we have of this kind of public indignation when JC was crucified.

My critics should also wait until the Full Body of the Guam Legislature meets and makes a decision before gloating about the destruction of a Senator because I’m sure it will be the Senator’s “INTENT” that must be judged in an “objective” forum. His actions are only showing he tried help so proving he had “ill intent” will have to be the major question for the Guam Legislature to ask and answer and given there was no financial gains — intent is really a moot point for finding guilt. For the untrained readers, “procession” is only 9 tents of the law with “intent” being the final 1 tenth for a full conviction of guilt. So if intent can’t be proven then he should not be found guilty of anything other than helping people who knew. We will see but I won’t give credit to anyone destroying something but didn’t lift a finger to try and FIX the problem. The Governor still needs help to fill the Board and CUC still needs a Generator so people should be asking Rep. Propst what is he doing to FIX the problem instead of gloating over his destructive efforts? For many of us, we want the engine first and foremost but I know for some they will have to suffer “load-shedding” to understand the WISDOM of what I am really talking about when I say Two wrongs alone will NEVER = One Right!

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