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OPINION: Unspeakable government and corporation corruption today

WHEN we talk about any government all over the world, some of them kill for money. It’s part of the evil of greed or love of money.

In any government or corporation you work for in any country there are crafty CEOs or Mafias.

All these criminals and murderers who get away with their ruthless criminal activities daily will have their Judgment Day with God and real justice.

All criminals or murderers abuse their power in public or private office today and it’s a real cancer.

I cannot stress enough all the atrocities that struggling and suffering families are facing today all over the world.

Mother Nature’s wrath and destruction could be the moral punishment for government officials and their partners in crime.

Government officials or CEO’s and their corrupt partners are mistreating humanity daily. It is the sign of times.

They worship money more than they worship God. But I don’t care if you’re a priest or a lawyer or a judge or whoever you may be — if you commit a crime against humanity you will burn in hell with your partners in crime.

In the Bible, Adam and Eve refused to listen to God, paving the way for the destruction we now witness: China against the United States, North Korea against South Korea

I fear the wrath of God.

If you are outraged like me, if you know what your government did to mistreat your Mom or how government officials hold your wife for profits over proper care — you have to fight back consistently every day.

It is my job to expose daily crafty dirty greedy criminal wrongdoing every day.

Corporations have bought some government officials and are imposing their greed on the CNMI.

My mission in life is to hold government officials accountable and responsible for their wrongdoing.

Wildfires have burned down family houses, hurricanes and floods have destroyed family houses. And you see all these families crying but government officials are ignoring them. These officials will burn in hell on Judgment Day.

No government or organization will go scot-free or get away with their crimes. The will face the music when God plays His fiery rock & roll.

I don’t want North Korea to launch its nuclear missiles and end life on earth but we’re very close.

Here are recent corruption news from the U.S. Department of Justice:

• Stockholm-based Telia Company AB, an international telecommunications company that was formerly an issuer of publicly traded securities in the U.S., and its Uzbek subsidiary, Coscom LLC, entered into a global foreign bribery resolution and agreed to pay a combined total penalty of more than $965 million to resolve charges arising out of a scheme to pay bribes in Uzbekistan.

• The Justice Department has reached a settlement with InMotion Software LLC, a software developer and recruiter in Texas. Based on its investigation, the department concluded that InMotion retaliated against a work-authorized job applicant after she protested InMotion’s requirement that she provide a permanent resident card even though she had a valid employment authorization card issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

• The Justice Department will award a $1 million grant to the state of Nevada in response to the Las Vegas mass shooting.

• A South Carolina man was charged with forcing a person with intellectual disability to work at a restaurant.

• A former congressional staffer pleads guilty to fraud and money-laundering.

• A congressional staffer is charged with filing a false security clearance form.

• A Florida businessman pleads guilty to foreign bribery charges involving Venezuela.

• A Colorado man who fled to Costa Rica after trial was sentenced to more than seven years in prison for tax crimes.

• A Tennessee dentist pleads guilty to tax evasion.

• A Maryland man who bought, improved and sold residential real estate was sentenced to prison for obstructing the IRS and failing to file tax returns.

In the CNMI, why not build durable, typhoon-proof federal public housing units? And while you’re at it, build an underground hiding place in case of a nuclear attack. It’s common sense.

In closing, I wish we start joining helpful activities for humanity instead of corruption and motor mouth war of words.

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.