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Arnold Palacios’ public land lease

THE Office of Public Auditor is conducting a field investigation. It has been months and months since the investigation began and we as NMDs hope the result and the conclusion could be out soon so that this land case will be put to rest.

‘Protect our elections: Enforce the law on Babauta vote-buying’

I WRITE to raise concern over the intentional violation of CNMI election law of gubernatorial candidate Juan N. Babauta and the detailed evidence that he participated in the buying of votes in August of this year.

Liars and politicians

THEY say that all politicians are liars.   But this may be a lie because they say that “[a]ll generalizations are wrong, including this one.”

Ralph evades issue: Casino failure, bankruptcy, no Plan B

DURING the gubernatorial debate, Ralph evaded what should have been the most critical question:  just what does Ralph intend to do if the casino fails, or files bankruptcy, as recent and past events suggest is a distinct if not probable scenario?

Disrespectful, undignified

THE gubernatorial debate allowed CNMI residents to witness the disrespect, insolence, dishonesty, and con-tempt the incumbent governor, Ralph D.L.G. Torres, displayed not merely toward his challenger Juan N. Ba-bauta, but to the dignity of the office that both Ralph and Juan seek to attain, and toward the CNMI public who sadly witnessed the spectacle.

Can of worms…

WITH respect,  I will not use name of individuals who are in this can of worm except high officials.