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Yours Truly

HAS anyone in the legal community ever gotten his opponent so boxed-in procedurally in a civil lawsuit that the opponents forfeited the entire case to him? Civil lawsuit forfeiture is practically unheard of but in Pangelinan v. Pangelinan, Civil Action No. 17-0067, Superior Court, I, a non-lawyer pro se counterclaimant, did just that.

IPI and the Betty Johnson case

THE Commonwealth is in a dire financial straitjacket and perhaps I can throw in my two-bit opinion to help our bewildered leaders. But first, I caution them to distance himself from professionals the likes of the governor’s siblings who call themselves lawyers because them legal beagles were the ones in the first place who got the government in a financial mess in connection with the retirement settlement fund — the sole reason for having casino gambling here in order to rescue it from going under.

Redress of grievances

JASMINE Taman, there is an old Chinese saying that to defend is to apologize.

No to MPLT loan

MY, my, my, how sometimes some people say or do dumb things.