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Without cause?

AS A concerned citizen I am irritated and disappointed at the way in which the Board of Education handled the termination, “without cause,” of Mrs. Cynthia Deleon Guerrero as commissioner of education.

Termination “without cause” as used by the Board of Education showcases their outlook toward Mrs. Deleon Guerrero, and it is very racist in nature that needs looking into.

A high profile status and it took only three board members to remove the commissioner? And only one year into her four-year contract and she’s terminated “without cause”? There is a reason to everything we do and I want to know!

Surely, this alone, looks more like a premeditated action by the board to ridicule Mrs. Cynthia Deleon Guerrero that needs answering.

A lengthy article published in Marianas Variety, 11/7/17, raises more questions than answer. It seems, according to the article, that the Board of Education is micro-managing the commissioner and the entire Public School System.

I kindly request the Board of Education to provide me the minutes of their last two board meetings prior to the termination of Mrs. Cynthia Deleon Guerrero, and kindly request our leadership to look into this highly unusual behavior by the Board of Education toward Mrs. Cynthia Deleon Guerrero.

Olomwaai reemi,

Chalan Kanoa, Saipan