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BOE meeting minutes please

IT’S going on two weeks since I requested the Board of Education for a copy of the minutes of their last two meetings prior to their termination without cause, of Mrs. Cynthia Deleon Guerrero as education commissioner of the Public School System.

The Board of Education members seem reluctant to provide me what I had requested! Therefore, I respectfully request that they publish the minutes of their last two meetings, that I requested, in our local media for everyone to see.

Marianas Variety’s Nov. 7, 2017 issue quoted the Board of Education as saying that it was being transparent in their termination of Mrs. Deleon Guerrero without cause, and that they had terminated her according to CNMI law, rules and regulation, etc., etc.

Again, I respectfully request the Board of Education members to publish what I had requested in our local media.

Olomwaay reemi,

Chalan Kanoa, Saipan