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CNMI-size family-economy

I DO not understand our immigration policies. Why are they sending legal workers back home? Without manpower, some of our contractors are losing their business and money. Some are already planning to close their businesses forever.

Before sending home guest workers, the authorities themselves should replace them with qualified U.S. workers so that the local economy will not suffer.

Japan has a lot of people but still needs guest workers. I read in the newspaper an article about Japan needing about 5,000 workers ready to get down to work in Japan. They are planning to hire workers from the Philippines for construction projects and factories in Japan. Maybe some of those who are being forced to leave the CNMI can find a new job in Japan. So sad…

U.S. lawmakers and immigration authorities have to do something before the CNMI is left far behind in terms of workforce. Perhaps H-visas for the CNMI can help.

There is another way toward economic sustainability. A family of four creates a four-member family economy. If 10, then, for sure, a 10-member family economy comes into being. There is no need to invite someone from another family, right? So, if we the people and leaders are wise enough and insistent enough, some nice day in the future, we’ll have a 70,000-member family-economy for a population of 70,000. I see no valid reason why 70,000 should not be able to serve 70,000.

I have lived so long and have experienced so much to realize that being optimistic is the best life and business strategy. It is good for community development as well. So let us turn the CNMI into our Big Family Home by creating a family economy!

Lower Navy Hill, Saipan