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The real deep state

LAST week I wrote about the black hats and the white hats. It’s an obvious comparison, going back to old cowboy movies.

Another term for the Black Hats is “The Deep State,” and both are mentioned in the news. In truth, the Deep State is a secret — and more ominous — threat to our republic than most people can imagine.

Another term for the Deep State is the “Elites.” These are people with vast wealth, power, and influence. The “Elites” control almost everything (with the exception of North Korea): primarily the world’s money supply, and the major media outlets.

On YouTube, George Carlin forcefully states, “They own you!”

The Elites derive their power from centuries of influence, going back to a secret organization, The Black Nobility, which began in the 6th century.

“An example of an old Black Nobility family, who believed they had a divine right to rule, included the Giustiniani family, who traced their lineage back to Emperor Justinian. After that, their power and influence grew, for more than a thousand years. Over the centuries, 12 additional Black Nobility (‘Bloodline’) families were included, in addition to the Giustinianis.

“In the 18th and 19th centuries, the bloodline families decided that, in order to gain greater control, it would be expedient to expand into Europe and America.

“This meant forging alliances with non-bloodline — but extremely powerful — owners of corporations, who emerged during the industrial revolution. This meant the Rockefellers, Morgans, Carnegies, Warburgs, and other powerful individuals. Consequently, a ‘union’ took place between the old Black Nobility families and the emerging Anglo-American corporations.” (Edited, from Wikipedia).

The Rothschilds are the most powerful family in the world, with an estimated net worth of $500 trillion. Previously, Hillary Clinton sucked-up to Lynn de Rothschild, hoping that the Rothschild elite would embrace her. However, when Mrs. Clinton lost the presidential election, she became persona-non-grata to the Rothschilds, as well as others in power.

In 1910 the Federal Reserve Bank was secretly crafted by six powerful businessmen, including a Rothschild representative. Later, in 1913, The Federal Reserve Act was passed into law by the U.S. Congress.

Few know that our Federal Reserve is a privately held corporation, and has no official connection to the U.S. government. This was the financial beginning of the “Deep State” in the United States.

The Federal Reserve controls every bank in the world, including the banks in our commonwealth. The Deep State also controls all major media outlets: CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post. They also control Fox News, but have “allowed” them to present alternative views; thus giving the impression of editorial balance.

Politicians who “play ball” are favored. Among them are the Clintons, the Bush family, George Soros, many members of the U.S. house and senate, and various federal judges.

It was also reported that after Trump was elected — but prior to being sworn in — he met with a representative of the Rothschilds. In this meeting a “deal” was struck, and our president was allowed to hold office within certain, prescribed, limits.

If this is true (and I believe it is) that President Trump has not “crossed the line.” You will never hear him talk about the Rothschilds, nor encourage an audit of the Federal Reserve.

Creating new jobs, honoring our veterans, and cutting taxes fall within accepted limits. However, unbeknownst to most, our president is being carefully overseen by the Elites.

Regardless, some American politicians, as well as the mainstream media, would like to see Trump “disappear.” He is well aware of this, and is consistently on guard.

Frankly, I hope he survives.

As Teo, Saipan