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Unknown tomb 1

FOR many years now, the skeletons of our unknown Chamorus remain floating somewhere and are left out to dry, unburied.  

A few days ago, Liana M.S. Hofschneider laid out her objections to the bill introduced by Rep. Alice Igitol.

And I say “hafut I te’lang i manaina-ta. Basta man asogni yan man hafatani hayi gai obligasion para u hi-nafut i te’lang siha. Esta malifan sakan put sakan ya ti ma keke hafut i te’lang siha. I antin niha i los prohimos man lalailai-ha esta pagu gi tano sa i descendant niha man mamaigu i titanus niha ya ti matu gi hinasun niha para u ma hafut I man lalailai na kadabit gi hiyon I naftan niha. Ti matu gi hinasun niha na obligasion niha i para u fan mahafut i kadabit siha ni ti man ma hahafut trabia. Mas ha man gaigi ti titanus niha I sueddu yan i allowances, yan I air-condition na kuattu yan I tentagu niha clerks gi legislature hall.”

What does Rep. Alice Igitol say about the unburied skeletons? She talks this, and she talks that, and that, and over there kind of presentation.

I prefer to read Liana’s writing. Argumentative, feisty, persuasive, honorable to me. I like it.

So let’s choose a quiet place and get an architect to design a relevant, appropriate picture of the place to bury our ancestors so their souls may rest in peace.

The design could be like the tomb of the unknown man antigu na manaina-ta Chamoru.

So, Governor Torres, rock the legislature’s boat and get them to appropriate money so an architect could be hired to design an appropriate picture of the “tomb of the unknown man antigun na Chamoru.” And then let’s re-locate the cadavers to the newly designed one tomb, and maybe with an eternal light. The site could be at Naftan Point, or at Banadero at Hillbloom’s corral. But let’s do something for our ancestors.

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