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A special day in a special place

I’D like to take this time to give my sincere appreciation to everyone who made our wedding a very special one.

I got married on Feb. 24, 2018 to my husband Joshua Duenas. I can’t express how stressful it was just to plan that big day. I started my wedding planning so clueless. I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without the help of everyone who assisted me and my family in coordinating this special event. I want to share my experiences with people and businesses who gave exceptional service. Often times, all we here are negative things on our island. I would like to share something positive that can happen on this special place called Saipan.

First off, I would like to thank Michelle Lin-Sablan of Pena House Boutique and her awesome staff. I could not picture my wedding theme and attire until Michelle helped me visualize with samples. She was very patient with me and assisted me in any way she could. The outfits for the wedding were just so beautiful and came out better than I expected, especially living on an island that do not have the conveniences, she made it possible.

I’d like to thank Island Touch by Philip. All I gave him was my theme color and budget and he created it all for me. He put together the beautiful theme décor, flowers and wedding accessories for our wedding ceremony and reception. When I arrived to my ceremony and reception, I was pleasantly surprise because everything was absolutely gorgeous.  

For my makeup, Eydie of Makeover Salon made me feel like a queen. He did just the right touch for hair and makeup, especially for such a busy day, my hair and makeup lasted me throughout the whole time without much touch up.

The last company I would like to thank is Hyatt Regency Saipan. I am the daughter of a Hyatt employee and I had the wonderful experience growing up with the hotel. It only made sense that I have my dream wedding there. Other hotels or venues were not an option and although because of my ties to the hotel, it did not mean I received any special treatment. I was welcomed and assisted like a regular client and I can definitely say the hotel did not disappoint me. Everyone that works at the hotel is so friendly. They go above and beyond to make guest and family members feel welcomed. The whole Hyatt family was involved in my wedding in one shape or another. The service was great and the personal details added at the reception were just amazing. They do not only listen to what you want, they actually make it happen. Hyatt has a great team and I want to thank them all for making my dinner party a great experience!

I want brides-to-be to understand that this “perfect” day might not go as you plan, but the only way to have a great wedding day is to be open-minded. I can only base it off of my personal experience and I hope it helps. One note to tell you, there will be a lot of opinions shared that day but just keep in mind that this is your special day, and just listen to your heart and what you want. There will be others who are more stressed out than you are and it will drive you crazy. After all is said and done (stress and all), everything will be okay. The one day you have been stressing about will end real quickly, so do not let anyone or anything ruin that! Enjoy yourself and people will enjoy it with you. Thank you again to our family, friends, and all the businesses that contributed in making our special day exactly that, special!


Kagman, Saipan