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Two different approaches to the same problem

RECENTLY, a duet of suspects were brought to a court of law charged with manufacturing ice on Saipan.

If the allegations are true, then they have caused big trouble for the people of Saipan. The Drug Enforcement Task Force arrested them. Good!

My Filipino friends told me that in their home country thousands were already shot to death on the streets for alleged drug use or trafficking. Their president, when he was a still a candidate, said that if elected, he would stop all drug-related crimes in the Philippines in six months. Otherwise he would step down. He got the presidency. Almost two years have already passed. Drug crimes are still there but he is still ruling! Not every promise holds water.

It has been reported that lawmakers who support him would like Duterte to remain president even after the end of his term in 2022. They are thinking of their own interests only and not the people’s.

Amid the ongoing deaths of suspects, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte also wants the death penalty for drug-related violations of law. Knowing Duterte’s unique manners of ruling, it is very likely that soon, the value of human life in the Philippines will be less than none. From none to zero!

Here on Saipan, the local Drug Court dropped the case against two defendants who will be tried in U.S. court because they committed federal violations. The resident agents are doing their job!

These two approaches show two different mentalities. On the one hand, the death penalty is proposed by someone who is already killing suspects on the streets just for being suspects. On the other, a balanced and developed system of rule of law working, maybe slowly, but surely.

What I am trying to say is, let us appreciate the law environment we have! It has become what it is today as a result of decades-long fight for justice and rule of law.

Let us never let our laws be diminished, disregarded or played with!

Yours always,

Lower Navy Hill, Saipan