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IPI’s extension request

THERE is legitimate public concern about Imperial Pacific’s request for an extension and there is growing consensus that an extension is necessary for the company and for the CNMI provided the public interest is adequately safeguarded with targeted conditions.

An extension should be granted for a period up to 24 months, backed by corporate submissions and reviewed by independent third-parties, that justify this length of time.  In addition, the casino commission should, as a condition, require that IPI obtain a bond with a U.S. registered bonding company to ensure full completion of the project a standard requirement of most construction contracts with the CNMI government. 

Further conditions should be developed to ensure, through an independent monitor, that illegal hiring practices and OSHA violations are not tolerated so the CNMI’s CW program is not jeopardized by bad practices and the national and international media coverage that follows. 

It would be worthwhile for the casino commission or the Office of the Governor to retain an independent and highly qualified contractor to ascertain the buildings safety and evaluate the corporation’s financial capability to complete the project within the 24-month period. 

Most people support IPI’s request for an extension with conditions.  However, it remains vital to protect to the CNMI’s interests even as we help IPI by providing an extension to complete this phase of the project.  The casino commission has the responsibility to conduct a high level of due diligence to ensure that the CNMI’s interests are properly safeguarded.  


Dandan, Saipan