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A blight on our beautiful hill

THANK you for printing our letter opposing the Wu Chang Zheng multifamily apartment/condo plan for the Gloria drive-Navy Hill area (“No to Navy Hill Apartment/Condo Project,” May 7, 2018).

It is important that our friends and neighbors know about such building projects that will change our landscape and way of life. This 8-unit multifamily apartment will not only be a blight on our beautiful hill, but it will impact access to public property. We should all be concerned how easily our access to this land may be taken away or, at best, severely limited.

In our previous letter, we encouraged residents to flood the Coastal Resources Management office with calls and visits to voice concerns about this project. However, we have been reaching out to this office, and we have not yet received any response.

We can’t help but wonder: isn’t it the job of Coastal Resources Management to answer our concerns regarding development of our land? This is our heartland, and we rely on this entity to help develop our land in a manner in keeping with our way of life. How is Coastal Resources Management keeping tabs on the pulse of the people when our calls are simply not answered?



Saipan, CNMI