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Regarding the 80% salary increase

IT is interesting that elected officials in the House and Senate will be receiving an 80 percent salary increase.

There is no real reason for the increase; we just know that it was voted to happen. There are so many other ways that money could be invested in, but instead it is going in the pockets of these elected officials.

To be elected in office, there are no requirements in regards of experience or educations. There is not even a requirement to have a high school diploma. While not having a diploma is not a requirement to be an elected official, it is often the first requirement businesses look for in applicants for a job. It is shocking that in order to be a gain a certain job title such as in retail, a high school diploma is required. However, to be an elected official who has a place in aiding and leading the island, there is no such requirement of than to be of a certain age, established residency, and no felony.

The bill was passed by a 13 to 5 vote. Of that 13, I want to know the reason why they voted yes. There is no real reason as to why there is an increase in the first place. Those who have voted against the bill expressed that there is no need for the increase and wish to stay consistent. This leads me to wonder why the 13 saw they are fit for the increase.

I believe the money that will be used as their salary increase to be put into better use. Instead of it going into their paychecks, it should go into funding different agencies in aiding Saipan. The money could go into improving DPS, PSS, Karidat, and others to actually aid the citizens of Saipan.

Overall, I think this salary increase is unnecessary. There is no legitimate reason to prove why this bill is needed in the first place. So I believe, the community needs an answer to the biggest question on everyone’s mind. Why is there an 80 percent salary increase?

SSHS student