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Here we go again

EVERY TIME I come up with what I believe is a simple question, and answer, I hear the same response, “THAT’S NOT MY JOB MAN.”

After Soudelor I personally responded to several government agencies searching for Mr. Signman, and got that answer.  No big deal, I wasn’t trying to put the jacket on anyone; just wanted to get the signs replaced.  Got someone’s attention and the signs were placed.

Now here we go again.  I am physically disabled and utilize parking spaces provided by  businesses.  I am not a gambler, but was curious to see what was inside the casino, so I drove there one sunny afternoon.  Near the majestic entrance I observed one blue marked disability parking space which was already occupied.  The security guard quickly approached my car and told me to move.  I told him I was disabled, but he said, “I’m sorry but due to construction we only have one spot.”  I asked how many would be available after construction and he replied, “Oh, then we’ll have two. But sir, today, you’ll have to go away and find a parking spot or use the valet service.”  Wow a mega-billion dollar hotel/casino with two disability parking spaces!

Thus my crusade began with a little research. First, Saipan Zoning Law Article 9 (parking & road access) Section 902 (3) Table 2 (non-residential parking requirements) hotel or motel 1.0 per room plus 1.0 per employee on any given shift.  Secondly, an excerpt from Imperial Pacific’s web page, “Upon completion, the resort’s hotel will feature 329 hotel suites, 15  deluxe villas, numerous Michelin Star chef headed restaurants….” (I guesstimated at least 401 spaces). Lastly, ADA requirements.  If the total number of parking spaces is 401-500, then the minimum total number of accessible parking spaces required is 9.   Ooops!!  So now who should be the Enforcer?

I then began contacting various government agencies (you know who you are) and guess what?  Yep, THAT’S NOT MY JOB MAN.”  Enuff said.

Capital Hill, Saipan