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Setting the record straight

I READ the article “Teen-age Girls are Rota’s First Certified Divers” in the CNMI sports section on July 5, 2018 and while I do not want to downplay the girls’ accomplishment I would like to dispute the title of the article and how people might read it.

These girls are not the first certified divers on Rota and if I am understanding the wording-meaning of the title they are neither the first local Rota residents to be certified on Rota. I started Dive Rota in 1986 and we started certifying divers in 1987, including many local Rota residents both adults and teenagers. In fact several of our trained local divers are still working for Rota DPS, police and fire department. And there were local certified divers on Rota even before I started my business.

So if the writer of the article or Mr. Yamamoto is claiming otherwise they are highly mistaken.

Owner/Operator, Dive Rota