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Please answer our concerns CRM

IT has been nearly two months since you printed our letter opposing the Wu Chang Zheng multifamily apartment/condo plan for the Gloria drive-Navy Hill area (“No to Navy Hill Apartment/Condo Project,” May 7, 2018).

We encouraged residents to flood the Coastal Resources Management office with calls and visits to voice concerns about this project, which CRM announced was going through the major sitting permit process. While we are aware there has been a public hearing concerning this project, we know there are plenty like us who could not attend and are eager for answers.

We hope this letter compels CRM to answer our concerns. A response, via letter to the editor, would demonstrate that CRM goes the extra mile, beyond the required posted meetings, to consider the concerns of the people regarding development of our land.

Dear Coastal Resources Management:

Please apprise us of the status of the above proposed building project, concerning the Gloria Drive-Navy Hill area. We hope you can assure us regarding measures being taken to deal with these concerns:

  • • Given that our current infrastructure is already bursting at the seams, with our dated water and electrical supply, significant improvements must be made to accommodate this megastructure.
  • • The project is too massive for the hill and will kill amazing views and ambiance.
  • • Access to historic lighthouse and public-held land will be limited (parcel 049-D-01).
  • • The site will attract crime, threatening safety and security of the area.
  • • Imported workers will likely be employed, rather than local hires.
  • • The development will rob us of our original family lifestyle, destroy native vegetation, and force out wildlife.

We rely on you to help develop our land in a manner in keeping with our way of life. We understand that your position entails many challenges, and that not everyone will be happy with decisions you must make. Thank you for your thoughtful and thorough response.


Saipan, CNMI