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Steady, slowly but surely I’ll prevail

DID you ever have a bad streak: days, months or years when no matter how hard you try your best you still feel like your best is never enough?

We all suffer and struggle on a daily basis. In my case, man-made problems  created by public officials and real-life corruption.

“The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise, as some understand slowness; instead He is patient with you not wanting anyone to perish….” 2 Peter 3:9.

We are often in a race in this game of life. We move quickly, jumping from one thing to another, expecting to produce results.

When we are waiting on God’s help, let’s remember that God isn’t slow. He isn’t on our timetable; we are on His. He isn’t waiting for us to come around to see what He sees.

When we ask for forgiveness, then we can clearly see His plan for us. But when you’re moving too fast you will see nothing but a blur.

God is patient and loving. He never leaves us. He just waits until we hit a wall and we cry to Him to save and help us. He will gladly open His arms to  us and carry us when we feel helpless or hopeless and powerless.

One year and four months: that  is how long I have been fighting Oregon’s health authorities to get access to my wife.

I am angry, outraged and frustrated. But I am determined to fight those who prioritize profits over proper care.

Imagine if you’re in my situation. You might think there is no solution or hope for me to ever see my wife ever again because of corruption.

Some may go crazy and break the law to seek revenge.

But I cannot give up fighting for my wife.

For  Oregon families who are in the same predicament, we cannot give in to evil organizations. We must expose these evildoers.

It’s okay to cry for your wife if you care and love your wife. It’s the fight that you want to win to free your wife from oppression and abuses.

Some might say forget it, get a new life or a new wife, but I’m not that easy to give up because I am a fighter for families.

As long as I’m breathing and alive I will fight these evildoers all the way to my own grave to protect my wife from oppression and corruption.

While the Oregon health authorities are hiding my wife,  I am doing whatever it takes to join their family crisis treatment as they talk among themselves what to do with Shuchun Li Romolor’s husband.

My demand is still the same: I want access to see and visit my wife.

My own dermatologist and other doctors are supporting me but not the Oregon health authorities.

I didn’t volunteer for OHSU for nothing. I volunteered because I am a role model patient. Plus I want to make the dermatology doctors understand  I want to  help OHSU dermatologist college students.

Because my wife is Chinese she has been  mistreated. Private organizations prioritize profits over proper care.

My OHSU dermatology doctors treated me properly so I demand that Oregon health authorities do the same for my wife.

When you’re the biggest hospital in Portland, Oregon like OHSU you have a bunch of smart, ethical, caring doctors on my side who support me and my wife. They want me to win.

Hiding my wife only makes Oregon health authorities look guilty everyday — that’s a fact.

Portland, Oregon