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David again!

RECENTLY, our islands suffered significantly because of Typhoon Mangkhut. But on Saipan, the munic-ipal government acted professionally.

The trash and debris disappeared fast. Our streets were cleaned up. Everything was back to normal! Somehow, things have been taken care of so effectively that it is as if no disaster took place. Why? Because our municipal government works well!

Because of our public servants’ thoughtful management of a troublesome situation, people practically did not notice any kind of significant irregularities in our everyday work and life.

But  Mangkhut devastated Rota. To show their solidarity, the Saipan mayor’s office and the Saipan Aging Center are doing their best to help the people of Rota through relief donations. Please join us contribute what we can to help Rota.

On Saipan, the mayor’s office is involved in many projects: road repair, construction work, island beautification, animal shelter, providing assistance to residents among many other things.

As a result of the mayor’s work, our island is flourishing. Compared to many other Micronesian islands, Saipan teems with well-tended flowers and trees.

It is not easy to do what the mayor’s office is doing, but our mayor and his staff are working well and in harmony to fulfill their duties.

We heard that Mayor Apatang is asking for additional funding so he can hire 12 more individuals to work for the island. We support his request because it will allow the mayor’s office to do more things for the community. For example, in the Lower Navy Hill area, the plants have grown very wildly and it is now time to trim them.

We want the mayor’s office to continue beautifying our island. And we want our mayor to remain at the helm.

We are blessed to have a thoughtful and caring mayor!

Saipan senior citizens